Five Tankas

Originally written on 03/03/2014. These are tankas.  Five Tankas The stopped clock is right As often as you need time To stand still for you Is no easy task for guys Who want to hurry up love   Polar vortexes Crush into the land of us Crystallization Of our mutual desire And the chasm between […]

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Cinematic Pig’s Feet #8- Even Dwarfs Started Small Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSS Let me be honest here- I didn’t like this movie. I didn’t think this was a bad movie. It was technically well done, it had passion and intelligence behind, it touched on important themes, and it was artfully provocative. But Werner Herzog‘s […]

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Dreams and Songs

Originally written on 04/27/2014 Dreams and Songs Silly loves songs may hold no place in my heart I do not love what they love, I think Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan Of the silly But their view of love leaves me cold And diabetic   I’ve never really had the knack For relationships […]

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Blackened Sole

Originally written on 01/04/2014. This is a pantoum.  Blackened Sole As you begin to cook the fish, You begin to wonder About the size of the dish, The ingredients you put in.   You begin to wonder- Carbohydrates could be karma, The ingredients you put in. Proteins and fats are nirvana.   Carbohydrates could be […]

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Arcane Mechanick

Not everyone with the aptitude to learn magic desires to plumb the secrets of the cosmos, learning mystic knowledge that would drive most people mad. Some are more….practically minded. They concentrate their studies on physical objects, such as wondrous items and constructs, and how they might be tinkered with. While they are generally looked down […]

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Cinematic Pig’s Feet #7- Un Chien Andalou Podcast: Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | RSS Un Chien Andalou (The Andalusian Dog) is commonly reckoned as a classic of early cinema and surrealist art. It is certainly surreal. And cinema. And pretty darned artful, at that, as you would expect from a film involving Salvador Dali and Luis […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Insurrection Strategy

Those who hold with the insurrection strategy believe that the governments and hierarchy will not simply dissolve peacefully, or whither away. Like those who hold with the revolutionary strategy, they believe that governments, institutions borne of violence, will not disappear without their violent destruction. Where the insurrectionists differ with the revolutionaries, however, is how this […]

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