Path of the Black Flag- Slayer

Slayer Hunters of men, many Anarchists feel somewhat uncomfortable with the ideas of slayers in their midst. In an ideal Anarchist society, they feel, Slayers would not exist. Most Anarchist, however, recognize that they don’t live in an ideal Anarchist society, and so reason that if Slayers exist, they might as well be Anarchist, as […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Spells

Apple of the Fairest, Lesser School- Enchantment  (compulsion) [mind-affecting], Chaos, Charm Caster Level- 2 Bard, 2 Witch, 2 Cleric/Oracle, 3 Sorcerer/Wizard Casting Time- 1 Standard Action Components- V,S,F (apple) Range- 30′ Radius Target- All creatures within range of the apple. Duration- 1 round per level. Saving Throw- Will negates. Spell Resistance- Yes. Description- The caster throws a golden-colored […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Feats and Skills

Feats Cryptophonic Performance (Prerequisite: At least one rank in Perform) – The character learns to encode messages into a performance, in such a way that her audience may understand the message, but censors and authority figures may not. The performer makes a bluff check using her perform ability as the bonus. Individuals who perceive the performance, who the bard […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Wizard

A Wizard’s life is spent in study. They gain their magical power through long hours of research, and rigorous practice. This research and practice often takes place within the context of a school, or between a master and her apprentice. After their studies, or apprenticeship, Wizards often enter into the service of the great and […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Witch

The defining characteristic of the Witch is alienation. This is what allows and forces them to accept patrons to grant them their powers. They have nowhere else to go. Some Witches never get over this alienation, and withdraw from society, their familiars their only companion. Others become determined to rise above the alienation, and try […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Warpriest

Warpriests share the same problems with Anarchy that Clerics have, in that they tend to be part of hierarchy themselves, and fighting against the State sometimes leads to fighting against your own priesthood. But just as Clerics find ways around that, so do Warpriests. The Anarchist Warpriest is a true believer, a zealot, one who […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Swashbuckler

Swashbucklers are rebels, in their hearts if not always in their ideology. This makes Anarchy quite attractive to some of them. Anarchist Swashbucklers find the Corsair, Daring Infiltrator, and Mysterious Avenger archetypes to be particularly complementary. Anarchist Swashbucklers also have access to a special deed: Spectacular Panache. There is no specific Anarchist swashbuckler archetype but […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Summoner

Anarchist Summoners are rare. They are arcane spellcasters, who receive their powers through long and intense study. This sacrifice, and the power that comes with it, tends to foster a sense of elitism. The elitism is further nurtured by the nature of the Summoner’s power- the summoning and commanding of animals. There is a temptation […]

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Path of the Black Flag- Skald

Combining the natures of the barbarian and the bard, skalds often become Anarchists. All the standard archetypes are equally complementary to the Anarchist Skald.  The Anarchist skald archetype is the Mocoso. Mocosos are musicians, often playing underground (sometimes literally) clubs and venues. Their music is loud, fast, violent, and filled with passion. They are known […]

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