Libsoc Caucus Podcast #6

Well, we have bylaws now. One of the key parts of the Libsoc Caucus structure is the concept of the affinity. In this episode, we discuss how to form affinity groups, and plan on having the first General Assembly of the Caucus on January 3rd, 2018. Here are some guidelines for forming an affinity group for the Caucus. Onward!

How to Start an Affinity Group

The Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party now has a set of bylaws. The foundation of the caucus is the affinity group, organized on either geographical or ideological lines. Each of these affinity groups will elect a representative to the Caucus General Assembly. Affinity groups are self-organizing and have no set number, so any group of people can become an affinity group. Here’s a handy guide to how to go about that.

  1. Decide on an organizing seed– The principle of organization for an affinity group would be geographicalLibertarian Socialists of Nebraska, for example- or ideologicalLibertarians for Prison Abolition.
  2. Get members– An affinity group for the Caucus must have at least two members that are part of the Caucus. This means agreeing to Libertarian Party’s Non-Aggression Pledge, and the Libertarian Socialist Caucus’ Non-Exploitation Pledge. Please note that while you do not need to be a member of the Caucus to be a member of the affinity group, you do need to be a member to vote in the Caucus. C’mon, it’s free.
  3. Elect a Representative– This will be the person who represents the affinity group at the Caucus’ general assembly. This person must be a member of the Caucus. No affinity group may have more than one representative.
  4. Join the Assembly– The first meeting of the General Assembly of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus is January 3rd, 2018. We need affinity groups for the Assembly, which will be responsible for setting the agenda and the tone for the Caucus.

Well, there you have it. If you are interested in join the Libertarian Socialist Caucus, please join us, and start an affinity group!

2018 Steampunk Fashion Show

On the weekend of July 21st, 2018, as part of the Steampunk Honesdale festivities, the Greater Honesdale Partnership, in association with the Wayne County Arts Alliance, will hold a Steampunk Fashion Show in Honesdale’s Central Park.

We are looking for current and aspiring fashion designers to present fashion selections inspired by the Steampunk aesthetic. We will provide a stages, audience, and emcee. You will need to provide the fashions and the models. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Wayne County Arts Alliance.

Artists I Want to Collaborate With, Part 1

Art and artists grow through collaboration. I want to grow as an artist, so it behooves me to do some collaboration. So, in addition to actively looking for local artists to collaborate with, I though I might just start a regularly-updated wishlist of artists that inspire me, with whom I would love to work on a shared project. This list is by no means exhaustive, and will be added to constantly, if irregularly.

  1. Rain Robert
  2. Maidenfed
  3. Artwerk6666
  4. Calin Moldovan
  5. Alva Bernadine

If, perhaps after taking a look at my artwork, you would be interested in collaboration, please feel free to drop me a line.

2018 Steampunk Art Show

One the weekend of July 21st, 2018, as part of the Steampunk Honesdale Festivities, the Wayne County Arts Alliance, in partnership with the Greater Honesdale Partnership, present the 2nd Annual Steampunk Art Exhibition. There will be four sections of the exhibition: The Cabinet of Curiosities, The Stourbridge Lion Imperial Locomotive, The Steam Exhibit, and the Haberdashery Spectacle.

The Cabinet of Curiosities

The cabinet of curiosities was a mainstay in the house of any well-to-do intellectual for hundreds of years. In honor of Steampunk Honesdale 2018, we are building our own Steampunk Cabinet of Curiosities.  All entries should be less than a foot tall, and something that might be found in a mad scientist’s or Victorian occultist’s personal collection of weird stuff. All accepted entries will be displayed in a rented storefront for the duration of the weekend.

The Stourbridge Lion Imperial Locomotive

We are building a steampunk locomotive. We need artists to construct the cars and engine. Each car and the engine will be sponsored by a local business, and the resulting locomotive will run on special tracks set up for the weekend.

The Steam Exhibit

This is a free-form exhibit, open to all sculpture and other forms of artwork made with the Steampunk theme. All artwork will be displayed in the courtyard of the Cooperage on Saturday, July 21st, throughout the day and the Steampunk Ball happening at the Cooperage later that night. Artists may sell their art at the exhibit, and set up vendor tables for purely art items (no jewelry or clothing.) Artists may display their work for free if they are WCAA members. Non-members must pay at $35 fee, which also gets them an individual membership in the WCAA.

The Haberdashery Spectacle

Top hats, especially altered top hats, are icons of Steampunk. We will be supplying selected artists with a top hat and supplies, each entry being sponsored by a local business. They will make their own interpretation of a “steampunk hat.”




2018 Steampunk Pinewood Derby

On the weekend of July 21st, 2018, as part of the Steampunk Honesdale festivities, the Wayne County Arts Alliance, in partnership with the Greater Honesdale Partnership, present the innagrual Steampunk Pinewood Derby. The Derby will have two parts: The Race, and The Design Contest.

The Race

The race will take place in Central Park, Honesdale, during the weekend. We will be using typical pinewood derby rules.

The Design Contest

Submitted cars will be judged on technical skill, creativity, and expressing the Steampunk theme. While cars submitted to the design contest do not need to actually participate in the race portion (although they are encouraged to do so), they must qualify for the race under the rules linked to above.

LibSoc Caucus Podcast #5

Wherein I, Mike, Matt, and Nathan once again talk about bylaws. Mike introduced his own draft, which I am really digging. Hopefully we’ll have a version nailed down for voting some time next week, after which we can concentrate on the platform.