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  • What the hell is this?– The blog known as the “Pleasure Saucer” is but one facet of a larger, ill-defined, unnamed (perhaps unnameable) dream/movement/art project/business/masturbatory time-waster that also includes, among other things, the “Pleasure Saucer” series of TV specials, the archives of the “Pleasure Saucer” television show, and the Vortex Cabaret Clench.

  • You have a TV show?– Had a show, on URTV. I’m starting a new series of one-hour specials called, very tentatively, “The Pleasure Saucer End-Times Tele-Devival” . Very tentatively. 

  • What’s that “Vortex Cabaret” crap?– Well, I have always been fascinated in what are sometimes called “post-modern religions“, and the Vortex Cabaret Clench (formerly known as the Temple of the New Flesh) is my latest contribution to the genre. It combines influences from the Church of the Subgenius, the Discordians, and the Moorish Orthodox Church. Its also the name of a live variety show I used to do. I hope the the spirit of that show (aside from its complete lack of audience) to the aforementioned specials.

  • ….You don’t get out much, do you?– Hey, fuck you! I get out plenty!

  • Whoah! You’re allowed to swear on this thing? Are you going to swear on the TV show too?– Yes, it should be pointed out that this blog and everything connected to it should be considered very NSFW. But then, life is NSFW. There will be dirty words, dirty pictures, and dirty thoughts. I don’t plan on turning this into a “porn blog“, but I do think that erotica is a very important aspect of art and creativity, that limiting yourself to “clean” thoughts mentally handicaps you, and I intend to explore these concepts as much as possible before my hand cramps up.

  • So that’s what this blog is about? Silly, sophomoric religious satires and porn?– No! There’s also the anarchy. The religion and the porn are part of something called ontological anarchy. This appeals to me, as I am an anarchist.

  • What!? Don’t you know we need government in order to survive? You want to live in Somalia? I can’t believe the disre– No, screw that. I’ve already played the “Let’s explain why anarchy could work, again for the billionth time” game here. Have a look. Back? Great. Let’s just get on with this.

  • Jeez, you’re touchy– Sorry, bad day at work.

  • It’s okay– thanks.

  • Ahem….

  • Anyway….

  • So that’s it? Weird religions, porn, and anarchy?– Well, those will be the main things, but I’ll also have (non-porn) creative writing, commenting on general weirdness, and anything else that comes to my head.

  • Isn’t that going to be a mish-mash? Why not have a separate blog for each subject?– Well, I tried that, and had a moment of self-discovery.

  • Oh? And what did you discover?– I am a lazy bastard with the attention span of a mayfly on meth. I can barely produce halfway-decent content for one anything-goes blog, let alone several single-subject blogs.

  • Ignoring that rather pathetic display of self-pity, how can the few looking-at-a-train-wreck readers you might conceivably gather help you in your mission to bring down Western Civilization?– Well, they can let me know they’re out there, for one thing. My ego is a fragile, sugar-spun thing, and needs constant reassurance. Also, I am a utter whore for web 2.0 fads, so they will be littered all about the blog, like clothes on my floor. The readership is encouraged to use them.

  • So that’s it? That’s the “about” page for this thing?– Not quite. This post, like all my posts, may be subject to extensive revision without prior notice. Check back for updates!

  • Well, I think that went fairly well.– Yeah. All right for a first draft, anyway.

  • You want to get something to eat?– Okay. I could really go for some lasagna.
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