Divided We Stand…. United, United, We All Fall Down

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Before I was an anarchist, I was an secessionist. I dreamed of starting my own country. I eventually realized that just because I didn’t want to live under the US government meant that I had to live under any other government, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for these modern-day founding fathers (and mothers, and childless people of various genders.)
There are many active secessionist groups in North America. 14 of them met in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the 2nd North American Secessionist Convention on October 3rd & 4th, 2007. I wanted to go, but that darned grinding poverty got in the way. So I console myself by reading about it here. The positive post are usually heartening. The negative posts are quite often hilarious.

Links on secession in general, and American secession in particular:

Old Media Articles on the Convention:

The word most used here is “unlikely”. You would think that someone owned stock in it.

Videos from the Convention:


Unfortunately, my few experiences with the LOS folks confirm some of the impressions expressed here. And, while there were quite a few groups attending, the were some significant absences, such as Hawaii. Still, don’t lose heart. If the local secession movement doesn’t suit you, then secede from it! Roll your own!

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