Holy Music: The KLF

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In my own personal universe, before there was The Illuminatus Trilogy, there was the KLF. Later on, in high school, I would buy the Book of the Subgenius while on a trip with my parents because the hotel room we were staying in had no television, and I would laugh and laugh as my mind was blown (the book swallowed, too.) Later on, in college, I would meet a friendly one-legged hippie (all hail Don Coyote) who would turn me on to the goddess Eris and what I should do with her once I found her. But for a young child, during one of those rare windows of time when my mom would allow television into her house, I watched MTV and saw the video for “3 AM Eternal”. I saw the production, I saw the strange minatures, and saw what looked some sort of church service, some religious service I wanted to be part of. I heard music that electrified me. I heard music that spoke to my soul.

The KLF, forever known as the Justified Ancients of Mumu, the Timelords, and other names (they have so many) is one of the most influential bands of the 20th century that not nearly enough people know about. Read the texts, then revel in the music.

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