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I am learning the fine art of delegation. Vortex Cabaret alum and Tomato Tuesday organizer Mike Roach has joined Team Vortex. He is our comedy enabler, providing that steady flow of incredible Asheville stand-up comedy that we jones for. And Jiivan Nelson, our erstwhile doorman and my bandmate in Traxx. will now also be our music guy, supplying the groovy troubadours that make the Vortex Cabaret oh so special. Now with less room-clearing noise!
This week’s Vortex features the artwork of local artist Alyssa Oliver. We also have stand-up comedians from Tomato Tuesdays, some dramatic monologues by Trevor Hofvendahl of Firestorm cafe (He’s a worker owner there, they’re not sponsoring them or anything, but Firestorm is a neat place and you should check them out), and some fine Asheville band. We’re still working on that.
The Vortex Cabaret will be January 28th, 9 PM, at 11 on the Grove, 11 Grove St, Asheville. Admission is $5. The drinks are yummy. Attendance is awesome.

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