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Combination of four currency symbols
Combination of four currency symbols (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So a local group, Transition Honesdale, is starting an action committee to explore the idea of starting a community currency for Honesdale and the surrounding Upper Delaware River Valley area. People familiar with me will remember my….enthusiasm (or, if you want to get pedantic, near obession) for this sort of thing. Naturally, I had to be a part of it.
The group seems to have reached consensus that a community currency would be a good idea. Now it comes down to a matter of choosing what kind of currency to go with. I have my favorite (mutual credit clearing), but there are many to choose from.
The meeting will be held March 14th, 7 PM at the Honesdale Chamber of Commerce. For those of you in the area who can’t make the meeting for whatever reason, and even for those who can, I have created this poll. On it you can rank the five major kinds of community currency from your most favorite to your least favorite. Also, if you would prefer a hybrid of two or more systems, you can rank that option as your favorite as well. Please note that while this poll will not be binding, it will be considered an important indicator of the voice of the community, and thus have great weight in determining which currency system to adopt. The link to the poll is here.
I’m listing the five major currency systems below, linked to their definitions:

Also, because I’m an advocate for it, here’s a link to the voting method we’re using, the Condorcet Method

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