Introducing the Libertarian Arts Journal, Part 1

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The Libertarian Arts Journal is a proposed print and electronic journal of Libertarian literature, art, culture, and criticism. The mission of the Libertarian Arts Journal is to define, explore, and champion the ‘Libertarian Aesthetic’.

What is the Libertarian Aesthetic?

The Libertarian Aesthetic is a creative ethos that seeks to embody and promote Libertarianism, which philosopher Roderick Long describes as,  “any political position that advocates a radical redistribution of power from the coercive state to voluntary associations of free individuals.” While part of the purpose of the LAJ would be to flesh out what that aesthetic is, I can give what I believe some of its general principles would be.

  1. It would be Progressive (but anti-managerialist), in that it celebrates leveling, the reduction of power, and horizontalism.
  2. It would be anti-authoritarian, in that it is seeking, questioning, and provocative. In that way, it would also be avant garde.
  3. It would also seek the Sublime through beaux art.
  4. It would be Individualistic.
  5. It would be ‘Thick‘ and intersectional.
  6. It would recognize that there is a Human Nature, not a man vs woman nature, or a white vs other nature. That all such impositions of binary thought are attempts to impose tyranny, and must be resisted.
  7. It would hold that peaceful productive transactions are the highest good.
  8. It would be revolutionary, nor reformist.

All these points are, of course, tentative, and subject to change.

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