Pleasure Saucer Show #24: Hostful-A-Go-Go

Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin Magazine (Photo credit: zcopley)

Here’s the latest Pleasure Saucer Show (a little bit late.) Here’s what we talked about.

  1. Vermont Has Become the Heroin Capital of America

    1. Meth Mouth and Other Meth Myths –

    2. Pivotal Point Is Seen as More States Consider Legalizing Marijuana

  2. UK intercepted webcam images of millions of Yahoo users


    1. Ron Paul: Feds shouldn’t ‘interfere’ with bitcoin

    2. Stop Centralizing Bitcoin – Agora I/O

    3. Center for a Stateless Society » Future Of Bitcoin “In Doubt?” I Doubt It.

    4. Bitcoin Has No Image Problem

    5. A Quick Cryptocurrency Update | KN@PPSTER

  4. Q&A: The Duke Freshman Porn Star

  5. Ethereum, Dapps, and the rise of a new Internet – Bitcoin Magazine

    1. Cryptocontracts Will Turn Law Into a Programming Language | Thought Infection

    2. 21 Technologies That Will Decentralize the World

  6. Ten Myths About Patents – Falkvinge on Infopolicy

  7. Davi Barker Was Harassed By The TSA, But Is The TSA Targeting Bitcoiners? – Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin News, BTC Trading Analysis and Chat

  8. New documents prove U.S. Army actively targeted leftist protesters, group says | The Raw Story

    1. How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations – The Intercept

    2. Government Social Media Bots Exposed | Christopher Cantwell

  9. “Why Won’t You Educate Me About Feminism?” | The Belle Jar

  10. Crimea: The Russian Stronghold in Ukraine Ready to Fight the Revolution |

    1. Ukrainian Government Issues Arrest Warrant for Ex-President Yanukovych

    2. Armed men seize Crimea parliament and hoist Russian flag

    3. Controversial Ukraine party receives top positions in new government

    4. Are Ukraine’s Jews Screwed?

    5. It’s Not an Arab Spring; Governments Everywhere Spark Revolts –
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