Path of the Black Flag- Political Traits

While Anarchy may be defined as ‘against Hierarchy’, that only defines it within the negative. It tells us what Anarchists are against, but it doesn’t tell us what they are for, or why that character decided to be an Anarchist in the first place. To do that, Anarchists have a category of traits: political.

Political traits are a category of basic traits,  that reflect the aspirations and influences of the politically-minded character. While most of these are geared towards Anarchists, they are not necessarily exclusive to them. If you are running an Anarchist campaign, and are using traits, it is recommended to increase the limit of traits from two, to three, or four, requiring at least one political trait.

For the most part, political traits may be combined freely (unless otherwise noted.) Not having a particular political trait does not mean a character is against or indifferent to that trait; it just means its not their top priority.

In addition to Anarchist political traits, there are also Hierarchical political traits. These are traits that are incompatible with Anarchism. However, someone who calls themselves an Anarchist could very well have those traits; just because you’re an Anarchist, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a very good Anarchist.

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