Path of the Black Flag- Brawler

Most Anarchists do not revel in the thought of violence. It is one of the reasons they are, in fact, Anarchists- they see the State as an assault. However, while they may not revel in it, they are familiar with it. Violence is so often used against them that they quickly learn how to fight fire with fire, fist with fist, and sword with sword. Also, the populations Anarchists are drawn from are quite often denied the use of ‘traditional’ weapons and armor, so they often train  in unarmored and unarmed fighting. This violence and resourcefulness reaches a pinnacle with brawlers.

All the standard Brawler archetypes complement the Anarchist. The Anarchist Archetype for brawlers is the Gaolbird. Gaolbirds learn their fighting skills in the pits of the prisons and slave camps of the world, where danger lurked behind every turn. While they lose some of the finesse and flexibility of other brawlers, they master dirty tricks and sneak attacks.

Alternate Class Features

Signs of the Yard- Due to her stance, her walk, or her tattoos, it is obvious the gaolbyrd has done time. She must perform a successful disguise check versus an opposed Knowledge (local) or Sense Motive check to hide the fact she is an ex- or escaped convict.

Prison Tricks– At 2nd level, the Gaolbyrd has access to a limited number of combat feats to choose as bonus feats. These are chosen at 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 20th level. They are Improved Dirty Trick, Greater Dirty Trick, Dirty Trick Master, Improved Disarm, Greater Disarm, Disarming Strike, Improved Steal, Quick Steal, Great Steal, and Catch Off-Guard.

Upon reaching 5th level, and every three levels thereafter, the Gaolbyrd may choose to learn a new bonus combat feat in place of a bonus combat feat she has already learned. She may also choose to replace it with a Rogue Talent, instead. In effect, the brawler loses the bonus combat feat in exchange for the new one, or the Rogue Talent. The old feat or talent cannot be one that was used as a prerequisite for another feat, prestige class, or other ability. A brawler can only change one feat or talent at any given level, and must choose whether or not to swap the feat or talent at the time she gains a new bonus combat feat for the level.

This modifies Bonus Combat Feat.

Sneak Attack– At 4th Level, the gaolbird gains a sneak attack bonus of +1d6, like the Rogue ability. At 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, and 19th level, this sneak attack bonus increases by 1d6.

This ability replaces Knock-out Punch.



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