Path of the Black Flag- Druid

Druids put Nature over the petty games that ‘civilized’ creatures play. The only reason that druids aren’t the most popular class for Anarchists is that that so many druids are apolitical- they don’t care how humans or orcs organize themselves, they just want them to stop cutting down the local forest.

Other druids make the connection between destructive political organizations and destructive environmental practices. Anarchist druids are particularly zealous, usually not having to deal with the conflicts of interest that hamper other spell-casters.

Anarchist Druids find the World Walker, Survivor, and Urban Druid Archetypes particularly complementary. The Anarchist Druid archetype is the Verdant Partisan. Whereas other druids might seek to protect the wild spaces from encroachment by civilization, Verdant Partisans go on the offensive, seeking to reclaim spaces the City and Farm have claimed.


Verdant Partisan

Alternate Class Features

Re-Wilding (Su)– Verdant Partisans may use their wild empathy ability to inspire disobedience in domesticated animals. Instead of using the Wild Empathy ability to improve the attitude of the domesticated animal to the partisan, she can instead use it to worsen the attitude of the animal towards its domesticator.

As a passive ability, all handle animal skill roles that happens within 60’ of the partisan suffer a -4 penalty/ The partisan may suppress this ability for particular affected animals, but this is a conscious decision on her part.

As an active ability, she can use her Empathy ability to cause a particular animal to rebel. A successful check worsens the domestic animal’s attitude by one category, from indifferent to unfriendly. An unfriendly animal is counted as wild for the purposes of someone using the Handle Animal skill on it, and will seek to escape captivity at the first opportunity. A successful check by 5 or more will change the attitude of an indifferent attitude to hostile. A hostile animal will actively attack anyone attempting to handle it, feel a special antipathy towards their domesticators and/or handlers, and will try to escape at the first opportunity.

If domesticated animal is being actively ridden or handled when the Partisan attempt to get it to disobey, the handler’s Handle Animal skill is added to the DC for the Partisan.

Revenge of the Green– A 5th level, the Verdant Partisan gains access and mastery over the spell Plant Growth. Verdant Partisans may spontaneously cast it instead of any other prepared druid spell of 3rd level or higher. This is in addition to their normal spontaneous casting abilities. In addition to the normal effects of the spell, Verdant Partisans may use it in the following ways.

Entangling growth– The Partisan causes tendrils to erupt from the ground, entangling creatures like a Web spell, with similar range, effect, and duration. After the spell’s duration has ended, the 20’ radius area is still considered overgrown, as the the Plant Growth spell.

Green Tendrils– At 7th level, the Partisan may summon giant green tendrils from the ground, crushing her foes, with similar range, area of effect, and duration to the spell Black Tentacles. Unlike with Black Tentacles, green tendrils are essentially plants, and may be damaged. They have the hardness of wood, and 10 hp for every level of the caster. After the spell’s duration has ended, the 20’ radius area is still considered overgrown, as the the Plant Growth spell.

At 9th level, and every two level after that, the damage from the tendrils increases by 1d6. The spell can target structures, large vehicles, or large constructs.

This ability replaces the increase to Wild Shape at 6th level or higher.

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