Path of the Black Flag- Fighter

Fighters are the common factor in any combat situation. Whenever there is fighting for long enough, there will be people who specialize in it, regardless of their motivations. This is just as true for Anarchists as it is for anyone else.

Anarchist Fighters find the Corsair archetype particularly complementary, although most archetypes are acceptable. The exception is the Weapon Bearer Squire, which is usually not taken by Anarchists.

The Anarchist Fighter archetype is the Sans-Culotte. Drawn from  peasants, and other members of lower classes and underclasses, they have dedicated themselves to fighting against a government. Unlike the Guerrilla, Sans Culottes typically engage in more urban warfare. Culottes are a type of knee-high breeches, often worn by the nobility and upper classes. Thus the term sans-culotte, which means ‘She who wears long pants.’ While perpetually under-equipped and out-numbered, Sans-Culottes have learned how to compensate.


Alternate Class Abilities

Fight with Anything– At 1st level, the fighter receives a +1 competence bonus when attacking using an improvised weapon, making the penalty for using one -3. At 3rd level and 5th level, this bonus goes up by +1, making it -2 and -1 respectively. At 8th level, the fighter loses those bonuses, but receives the Improvised Weapon Mastery feat as a bonus feat, even if she does not have the prerequisites for it. At 12th, 16th, and 20th level, the fighter continues to gain a +1 competence bonus to attacks when using an improvised weapon.

This replaces weapons training.

Always Out-Numbered– At 1st level, if the Sans-Culotte is out-numbered in melee, she receives a +1 training bonus to her melee attack rolls and a +1 Dodge bonus to her AC against melee attacks. This bonus goes up by +1 at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level.

For the fighter to receive this bonus, the total number of enemies threatening her must be larger than the number of the fighter, plus any of her allies threatening those enemies, plus any allies tied to her due to teamwork feats.

This replaces Armor Training.

Situational awareness– Sans-Culottes have been trained to watch out for archers. At 1st level, they gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC for ranged attacks. This bonus goes up by +1 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level. This bonus does not stack with the Always Out-Numbered dodge bonus.



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