Path of the Black Flag- Gunslinger

Gunslingers embody a new way of combat, and a new technology, one that is quite threatening to the ruling classes. An army of peasants, equipped with guns, can become a deadly force in a fraction of the time and expense it would take to train and equip an equivalent cavalry of mounted knights, or a squad of wizards. The old ways of developing power and maintaining control simply don’t make sense once you add guns to the equation. So far, this has not been a major problem for the nobility and various governments, as guns are not that widespread. But ever shot from a musket, every roar of a cannon, sends out a message that rulers hear loud and clear- Adapt, or die.

Given the revolutionary of the gun, many Anarchist gravitate towards becoming gunslingers. They favor most standard archetypes, especially the Buccaneer. Anarchist Gunslingers are typically not Gunner Squires.

The Anarchist Gunslinger Archetype is the Gun Sovereign. Convinced that guns will make the common people the equal of kings, wizards, perhaps even the gods themselves, Gun Sovereigns are firearm evangelists, and are quick to provide support for groups that have their firearms threatened by those afraid of them.

Gun Sovereign

Alternate Class Features

Deeds– Gun Sovereigns have access to the Spectacular Grit and Cold, Dead Hands deeds. The Spectacular Grit deed may be swapped out for any standard deed. Cold, Dead Hands replaces Cheat Death.

Spectacular Grit– Whenever a Gun Sovereign  attempts a deed that requires the spending of a grit point, she may spend another grit point to make the deed spectacular. If the deed succeeds, it works in all ways like the Spectacular Bomb of the Merry Chymist. If the deed fails, the additional point is lost and nothing else happens. Deeds that require multiple rolls for their success must succeed on all roles to be spectacular.

Cold, Dead Hands– At 15th level, the Gun Sovereign becomes somehow attuned to her gun, and will not drop as long as it can fire. As long as she has at least one grit point left, if the Gun Sovereign’s current hit points drop below 0, she does not fall unconscious. Instead, she continues to act so long as her negative hit point total does not exceed the amount of damage she dealt to an enemy with a single ranged attack with her gun during the last round. The Gun Sovereign receives no Constitution check to stabilize while using this ability, and automatically takes 1 point of damage each round. When her current negative hit points exceed her negative Constitution score, the amount of damage she must deal to continue to act is now equal to the difference between her current negative hit point total and her negative Constitution score. Additionally, the Gun Sovereign can no longer benefit from magical healing (save for a wish or miracle spell), and she immediately dies once she can no longer fire her gun due to this ability. If she loses her last grit point, she can no longer use this ability, and either falls unconscious or dead, depending on the circumstances.


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