Path of the Black Flag- Hunter

Hunters are models of self-sufficiency. Not only do they produce their own food (and secondarily, clothing and shelter), they also have their own companionship, in the form of their animal companions. This makes it relatively for them to scorn the need for society, giving the roughly relationship towards Anarchy as the Druid.

Anarchist Hunters are equally as ease with all the standard archetypes. The Anarchist Hunter archetype is the Vonu. Vonus seek to totally divorce themselves from the world of governments and states, of kings and knights, by ‘dropping out’ of society living a life that those in power are simply unaware of. They may do this by themselves, or with a group of like-minded souls. They may choose to venture to wild and unexplored lands, or hide under the noses of their rulers.


Alternate Class Abilities

Drop Out– Starting at 1st level, Vonus chooses one terrain as a favored terrain, as the ranger ability. The Vonu gains another favored terrain at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level. At 5th level, the vonu may hide the track of one companion (including her animal companion) in addition to her own, one addition per level, as with the favored terrain ability. At 10th level, the vonu gains a bonus to any saving throw to avoid magical tracking or locating equal to ½ her level. At 15th level, the vonus may share this bonus against magical detection with  one companion (including her animal companion) per level.

If the vonu designs and helps construct a camp or settlement, the vonu may use her Drop Out ability to hide or camouflage the settlement. The normal DC for a perception skill check to find a settlement is 0. When a vonu helps design and build the settlement, she may take a 10 on a Stealth skill roll, and add ½  her level as a bonus to the roll. This determines the DC of the perception to find the settlement. If the vonu is not satisfied with the score, she will need to tear down the settlement and start again to get another try.

The stealth score of the settlement is further modified by the actions of the people inside of it. If they are making an attempt to not give their position away, the stealth score holds. If they are making loud noises, using open fires, cooking food, or in other ways giving their presence away, the stealth score suffers penalties, as determined by the GM. Settlements that want to avoid attention often post scouts as guards, who rush back to the settllement to warn the inhabitants if they see someone is looking for them.

This ability replaces Greater Empathic Link And Improved Empathic Link.


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