Path of the Black Flag- Investigator

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The investigator is another class that has a conflicted relationship with Anarchy. So often employed by governments and the rich & powerful, investigators often tend to see the world in terms of lawmakers and lawbreakers, and tend to take a dim view of the lawbreakers.

But above all that, in the mind of an investigator, is a commitment to getting at the truth. And sometimes that truth leads investigators to realize that lawmakers are the real lawbreakers, and that sometimes laws themselves are crimes. This is what leads investigators to Anarchy.

Anarchist Investigators find the Infiltrator archetype particularly complementary, while it would be extremely rare for an Anarchist to be a Relentless Inspector. The Anarchist Investigator archetype is the Whistleblower. Whistleblowers investigate large organizations, often in disguise. When they find something untoward, they give that information to the world, often anonymously. The power of governments and mercantile empires often comes from the secrets they keep. Whistleblowers break that power.


Alternate Class Abilities

Master Disguise– At 1st level, Whistleblowers gain the master of disguise ability, like the Infiltrator archetype. This replaces trapfinding.

Perfect Recall– Whistleblowers excel at copying information, in order to smuggle information out. At 2nd level, they gain the Perfect Recall ability, as the mindchemist. This replaces Poison Lore.

Get it on the Grapevine– At 2nd level, Whistleblowers gain the ability to release secrets to the wider world, anonymously. The whistleblower adds half their class level to her knowledge (local) skill for the purposes of disseminating information.

The whistleblower makes two skill checks. The first is for getting the information out there. The DC for that is modified by the quality of the settlement, with a base DC of 10. Each attempt to get the information out takes one day. A failed skill check means the information is not believed and is not passed on. The whistleblower may take another day to try and get the information out, but each attempt with the same information suffer a culmative -4 penalty.

A successful check means that the information gets disseminated into the local informal information networks, and becomes ‘common knowledge’. A success of 5 or more indicates that not only does the local populace know about it, but that so do all the surrounding settlements. For every 5 more in success, the reach of the information spreads farther.

The second skill check is to avoid being identified as the source of the leak. This is a DC 10 check, modified by the Law modifier of the settlement. A successful roll means that the whistleblower has covered her tracks well enough that the people in power have no idea how the information could have gotten out. A success of 5 or more means that that the whistleblower can, if she wishes, frame someone else (usually someone in the organization) as the source of the leak.

This replaces poison resistance.


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