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The magus is a combination of the fighter and the wizard. She follows her passion, her discipline, into avenues unexplored by others. The Magus makes a good choice for Anarchists.

All standard archetype are equally appealing to Anarchist Magi. The Anarchist Magi archetype is the Black Mask. Drawing upon the powers of darkness and chaos, black masks gain access to power unknown to other magi.

Black Mask

Black Masks are part of the Black Mask Society, a loose network of Anarchist magi that seek to bring down governments and hierarchies worldwide. While the Society does not have leaders or formalized cells, they do have a code of conduct, which all Black Masks must obey. The rules of the code include:

  • A Black Mask must never, by word or deed, serve the forces of Law and Government.
  • A Black Mask must never, by word or deed, harm another Black Mask.
  • A Black Mask must never, by word or deed, cross another Black Mask in that Black Mask’s pursuit of the downfall of governments.

The masks that Black Masks wear are more than just the source to their powers: they are also enforcers of this code. The penalty for breaking the code can be…..dire.

Alternate Class Abilities

Spell Mask– Each magus possesses a Black Mask, which is a simple mask, made of cloth or leather, and black. It is a wondrous item, and has the following abilities, accessible only by the wearer bonded to it.

  • Mask Communion–  Instead of using a spell-book, the magus communes with her mask. In all other ways, it functions as a magus’ spellbook.
  • Secret Identity– A Black Mask has two identities: her ‘masked’ identity and her ‘civilian’ identity. The act of putting on the mask transforms the magus, cosmetically altering her features and clothing so that she appears as a darker, more exciting, more dangerous version of herself. This gives the Black Mask a +10 magical bonus to her disguise skill to maintain these two identities. This bonus doesn’t apply to trying to disguise herself as a specific person, only to maintaining an alternate persona. If a person actually observes the Black Mask putting on or taking off her mask, This magical bonus no longer applies to that observer (the Black Mask may still try to disguise herself to fool that person, without the magical bonus.)

Black Mask Arcane Pool– The Black Mask has a restricted arcane pool. At 5th level the only weapon property she may imbue into her weapon is the Anarchic property. In terms of restrictions on use, this works the same as the standard weapon properties. The Black Mask may also imbue this property into a ranged weapon, with same restrictions on use. Furthermore, as in the Ranged Spellstrike ability of the Myrmidarch, Any effects not used in the round the weapon is imbued are lost. If the Magus gains the ranged spellstrike ability through some other method, this ability does not interfere with it.

Black Mask Arcana– Black Masks have exclusive access to the following arcana.

  • Spectacular Arcana– The Black Mask can expend 2 points from her arcane pool as a standard action to infuse a spell with spectacular potential. The spell must do damage to or otherwise negatively and visibly affect an enemy. It may be either melee or ranged, and may be channeled with spellstrike. Other magus arcana that do damage to or otherwise directly negatively affect an enemy may be infused with spectacular potential. If the Black Mask’s spell is successful (either the attack roll succeeds or the target’s saving throw fails), her allies who clearly view the results receive a +1 morale bonus to their attacks on the following round. This bonus increases by one at 8th level and every five levels thereafter. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to ½ the level of the Black Mask, for a minimum of one round. The number of allies who can enjoy the benefit of this bonus is equal to the level of the Black Mask. This ability does not stack with other morale bonuses, or with other spectacular effects. In all other respects, this ability works the same as the Spectacular Explosion ability of the Merry Propagandist.
  • Masksight– While wearing the mask, the Black Mask has darkvision 60’, and all Lawful creatures and objects (Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, and Lawfully aligned wondrous items) have a faint aura around them.

Mask Magic– Black Masks have the following additions to the magus spell list. These spells must still be learned and studied, but they are available using the Knowledge Pool ability.

1st: Protection from Law

2nd: Align Weapon (Chaos only), Darkness

3rd: Magic Circle Against Law, Deeper Darkness

4th: Chaos Hammer, Shadow Conjuration

5th: Dispel Law, Shadow Evocation

6th: Shadow Walk

Betraying the Code of the Black Mask Society– If a Black Mask violates the code of conduct of the Black Mask Society, they are expelled from the society and considered an enemy by all of other Black Masks. She loses the benefits of being a Black Mask, but is still a magus. They can no longer don their black masks- any attempt to do so causes the mask to disintegrate in an explosive blast, with damage equal to 1d0 for every level of the Black Mask in a 10’ radius of the victim (reflex save for half damage. The DC is 10 plus the level of the Black Mask.) Since the mask functioned as the Black Mask’s spellbook, she can no longer cast the spells stored there. She can acquire a spellbook and learn new spells, however (this has no effect on the number of spells she can cast per day, only the spells known.) She no longer has access to the spells available to Black Masks due to the Mask Magic class ability. If any of her magus arcana were ones exclusive to Black Masks, she no longer has access to them, and may not replace them until she gains a new level in magus.


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