Path of the Black Flag- Ninja

Ninjas, as masters of stealth and subterfuge, often encounter Anarchists, both supporting them and opposing them. Often sent by their masters to disrupt Anarchist movements and assassinate their leaders, Ninjas have helped many a king fatally deal with rebels.

But Ninja clans are often only seemingly loyal to the lords their work for. Many clans play one lord against the other, in subtle games designed to advance the clan and bring down the entire ruling power structure. For these clans, and the ninjas that make them up, Anarchists groups have proven….useful, from time to time. But clans, and individual Ninjas, may have all sorts of motivations, and some genuinely believe in Anarchy, and become Anarchists.

Long ago, in a faraway land, there was a mighty empire. The empire had grown corrupt (at least, more corrupt than usual), with various courtiers assuming all the real power, and the emperor ruling in name only. In the hinterlands of the empire, an oracle raised a rebel army, telling them that the favor of the gods, or ‘Mandate of Heaven’, had been lost by the empire, and thus the time was auspicious for a revolution. The rebels wore yellow turbans, as opposed to the red turbans of the imperial soldiers.

The rebellion itself failed, although it left the empire weakened, leading to its eventual implosion. In the ashes of the rebellion, some of the rebels reasoned that the cause of their failure was believing that anyone should, or could, have the Mandate of Heaven. The only way to achieve victory against tyranny, they reasoned, would be to fight against all tyranny, not merely to replace one tyrant for another. Thus, this splinter group of rebels became the Black Turbans, an Anarchist archetype of the Ninja.

Black Turban

Alternate Class Abilities

Spectacular Sneak Attack– Three times a day, upon a successful sneak attack, her allies who clearly view the attack +1 morale bonus to their attacks, damage, and saving throws on the following round. This bonus increases to +2 at 4th level, +3 at 8th level, +4 at 12th level, and +5 at 16th level. This bonus lasts for a number of minutes equal to ½ the level of the Black Turban, for a minimum of one minute. The number of allies who can enjoy the benefit of this bonus is equal to the level of the Black Turban. This ability does not stack with other morale bonuses. This bonus also applies to the Black Turban’s intimidation and diplomacy skill rolls. The duration of this bonus is also 1/2 the level of the Black Turban in minutes.

This replaces poison use.

Roguish TalentsThe following rogue talents complement Black Turbans: assault leader, combat trick, cunning trigger, snap shot,strong impression, surprise attack, terrain master, underhanded, and weapon training. When a Black Turban is scheduled to select a Ninja Trick at 10th level or above, these advanced Rogue talents complement the Black Turban:  hide in plain sight, knock-out blow, and opportunist.

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