Path of the Black Flag- Oracle

Oracles, coming to their contact with the divine at a much more direct way than clerics, don’t typically have the conflicts of interest towards Anarchy that clerics have. Oracle find all the standard archetypes to be equally complementary. While they don’t have a specific archetype, they do have a new mystery: The Freedom Mystery.

Freedom Mystery

Bonus Class Skills: Disable Device, Escape Artist, Survival, Concentration

Bonus SpellsComprehend Languages (2nd), Anonymous Interaction (4th), Aura Sight (6th), True Form (8th), Passwall (10th), Heroism, Greater (12th), Spell Turning (14th), Protection from Spells (16th), Freedom (18th)


Aura of Disobedience– The oracle can, as a free action, apply a penalty to any attempt at diplomacy or intimidation, the amount of the penalty equal to her level. Once per day for every level the oracle has, she can attempt to negatively influence the attitude of a groups of people within a 60’ radius of her toward authority figures. To do this, she attempts an diplomacy skill check, adding her level to the roll. Upon a successful roll, the attitude of the crowd towards any and all authorities worsens by one level. If she succeeds by 5 or more, she worsens the attitude by two levels. This is a standard action.

Unshackled Mind– The oracle has a +4 divine bonus against saves versus all mind-affecting enchantments and fear effects. A number of allies equal to the oracle’s level gains a +2 divine bonus against all enchantments and fear effects. Bestowing this bonus is a free action for the Oracle. Starting at 1st level, an oracle can touch someone under the influence of an mind-afecting enchantment or fear effect once per day. Upon that touch, the target gets another saving throw against the effect, with the oracle’s divine bonus of +4. At 4th level, and every four levels after that, the oracle can do this touch an additional time per day.

Hard to Stop– The oracle receives a divine bonus on her CMD equal to ½ her level, with a minimum of +1. She also has the equivalent divine bonus to her reflex saving throws versus spells and effects that bind and grapple, such as Web.

Anarchic Infusion– The oracle may give a weapon she is holding the Anarchic special ability. The Oracle may only give this ability to one weapon at a time, and only to a weapon she is holding. If she drops or puts down the weapon, it no longer has the ability. The Oracle may use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to her level. The rounds do not have to be consecutive.

Solidarity– The oracle may link up the hit points of a number of willing people equal to half the level of the oracle, with a minimum of one, as a standard action. This is in addition to the oracle herself, who must always be part of the of the solidarity link. The member of the link must be with 30’ of the oracle when the link is initiated, although they move farther apart while the link is in effect.

Any damage done to one member of the link is spread spread out among all members of the link. If the amount of damage is less than the number of people in the link, or if the amount of damage cannot be divided equally among the members of the link, the GM determines how much damage each member of the link receives, always with an eye towards equalizing the amount of damage done over an encounter. Any healing potion, spell, or ability is also spread out among the link, with the GM again determining how much each character is healed.

At 5th level, the members of the link gain the ability to spread ability loss due to poison or other causes. At 10th level, if any one member of the link is affected by something requiring a Will saving throw, every member of the link rolls a Will saving throw. If even one of them makes the save, the character affected is considered to have mader her save.

This ability lasts one round per level of the oracle. The oracle need not use all the minutes consecutively, but she must use them in one minute increments. The oracle is the originator and maintainer of the link, and does so with conscious effort. If for any reason she no longer maintains the link, it is broken.

Monkeywrench– The oracle adds half her level to all Disable Device skill rolls when the target is a siege weapon, or any other type of large machinery, like a porticullis. At 10th level, the oracle can disrupt the coordinated movements of groups, as a standard action. For this to work, the oracle must be aware of and actively viewing the action. Anyone who is attempting a complicated military maneuver, or attempting to aid another on the battlefield, must make a concentration check opposed by a concentration check by the oracle. If the oracle fails, the target may attempt the maneuver or aid normally. If the oracle succeeds, the maneuver or aid attempt automatically fails.

Wings of Freedom– As a swift action, you can manifest a set of translucent, shimmering rainbow wings that grant you a fly speed of 60 feet with good maneuverability. You can use these wings for 1 minute per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments. At 11th level, you can use these wings to fly as if with overland flight once per day. Used in this way, the ability lasts for up to 1 hour per level, and counts as your total use of this ability for the day. You must be at least 7th level to select this revelation.

Organized– Any attempt to aid another, in or out of combat, that involves the oracle receives a +4 divine bonus to see if it succeeds, no matter who originated it.

Temporary Autonomous Zone– As a standard action, the oracle may manifest a Temporary Autonomous Zone, for a number of rounds per day equal to her level. These round need not be consecutive. This ability function like A Magic Circle Against Law, except it is always centered on the Oracle. The Oracle must be at least 5th level to take this mystery, and must be chaotic.

Unclouded Sight– Your knowledge of the illegitimacy of hierarchy and how those in power deceive people allows you to see things as they truly are, as if using the true seeing spell. At 15th level, this functions like moment of prescience. At 18th level, this functions like foresight. You can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to your oracle level, but these minutes do not need to be consecutive. You must be at least 11th level to select this revelation.

Final Revelation- The oracle is truly free. The Unclouded Sight, Temporary Autonomous Zone, and Aura of Disobedience now function at will, with no time limit.

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