Path of the Black Flag- Paladin

Paladins have a conflicted relationship with Anarchists, as they do with most things. Evil Anarchists are personifications of why they become Paladins. Those Anarchists, in the eyes of the Paladin, seek to destroy and corrupt everything the Paladin holds dear and sacred. But the Paladin, more than any other character, knows the compromises and sacrifices that come with trying to do good while remaining bound to the duties and restrictions of something greater than yourself. When these paladins come across a good Anarchist, they see someone who has refused to make the sacrifices the Paladin has. Good Anarchists force the Paladin to wonder: was it all worth it?

As Paladins cannot be Anarchists, there are no complementary archetypes. But the Holy Guide, Oath Against Chaos, Oath of Loyalty, and Oath of Vengeance archetypes take special interest in confronting and combating Anarchy.

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