Path of the Black Flag- Alchemists

Bomb-throwers who do weird things with their bodies and brew strange potions, for many people alchemists fit their nightmare version of Anarchists to a tee. Many alchemists strenuously resist this stereotype, and do their utmost to prove themselves as valuable members of society, upholding law and order. Others don’t bother.

Complementary archetypes for the Anarchist Alchemist include Saboteur, Psychonaut, and Trap Breaker. While an Anarchist Alchemist may potentially have any archetype, those are the ones that are most suited.

The Anarchist Archetype for Alchemists is the Merry Chymist. Merry Chymists use their bombs and violence to inspire their allies and demoralize their enemies. They are also have a mastery over substances that alter consciousness, also using those to benefit their allies and to the detriment of their enemies.

Merry Chymist

Alternate Class Features

Class Skills– Merry Chymists gain, diplomacy, intimidation, and Knowledge (local) as class skills.

Spectacular Bomb– At 1st level, the Merry Chymist learns how to place and use her bombs to great effect in inspiring her allies and provoking people against authority. Three times a day, upon a successful attack on an enemy or an object that needs attacking (a gate blocking your way, yes; a random table to the side, no), her allies who clearly view the explosion receive a +1 morale bonus to their attacks, damage, and saving throws on the following round. This bonus increases to +2 at 4th level, +3 at 8th level, +4 at 12th level, and +5 at 16th level. This bonus lasts for a number of minutes equal to ½ the level of the alchemist, for a minimum of one minute. The number of allies who can enjoy the benefit of this bonus is equal to the level of the Chymist. This ability does not stack with other morale bonuses. This bonus also applies to the Chymist’s intimidation and diplomacy skill rolls. The duration of this bonus is also 1/2 the level of the Chymist in minutes.

Druggist– Merry Chymists are trained in the manufacture of drugs and intoxicants. Any ability that an alchemist would have in regards to drugs (such as poison resistance, poison use, etc.) the Merry Chymist may apply to the use of drugs and intoxicants as well. The save bonus from poison resistance applies to chances of addiction for a Merry Chymist. A Chymist may voluntarily enjoy the beneficial (as defined by the Chymist) effects of any drug she ingests.

Drug Master- At 6th level, a Chymist can help someone overcome their addiction to drugs and intoxicants. By giving them various alchemical reagents, they can add alchemical bonus equal to ½ their level to the addict’s saving throw in to overcome the the addiction. She may also apply a bonus equal to 1/2 her level to a sleight of hand skill roll for adding a drug or poison to food or drink unnoticed by others. The replaces Swift Poison. At 18th level, the Chymist may apply poison or drugs to her weapon as a swift action.

Drug Bomb– Merry Chymists may choose the following discovery, in addition to the standard ones:

  • Lesser Drug Bomb– The alchemist may fill her bomb with a drug of her manufacture. Any target that would normally take damage from the bomb would have to roll a saving throw to avoid the effects of the drug. Unlike Drug (Formerly Poison) Bomb, the drug becomes inert after the initial attack, and cannot affect anyone else.

Grand Discovery: Explosive Chymists may select the following discovery, in addition to the stand grand discoveries:

  • Truly Spectacular Bomb– At 20th level, the effect of the Chymist’s spectacular bomb on her allies is not limited by the level of the Chymist. All allies within sight of the explosion, no matter the number, are affected.



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