Path of the Black Flag- Elves

To many outsiders, Elven society seems practically Anarchistic already. When other races consider Elves, the stereotypes that come to mind are their love of nature, their lack of bureaucracy, the deliberate pace of their lives borne of its long span, and their (supposed) individuality. Most of them aren’t Anarchists, of course; they have their royalty, and nobility, and tyrants, and exploiters (to be fair, elves are typically more laid back about it than most races.)

In fact, this seemingly individualistic and laid-back stance masks a deeps conservationism, a reactionary tendency in Elven psychology. Elves tend to see themselves as a race in decline, with their glory days long behind them. Their principle emotions are nostalgia for their glorious past, and pessimism over pretensions of the short-lived ‘younger races’. The optimism to imagine a better way for people to relate to each other, and the rage to demand it, are not often found in the Elven psyche.

But Elves do not spend all their time with other Elves, dreaming of forgotten empires. Many Elves interact with those younger races, and live to see cycles of tyranny and violence played out over and over again in their lifetimes. It is these Elves who are most likely to be woken up from the Elven nostalgia, and decide to try and make things better.

Elven Anarchists tend towards the Pacifist, Individualist, Collectivist, Environmentalist, Insurrectionist, and Poetic traits.

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