Path of the Black Flag- Feats and Skills


  • Cryptophonic Performance (Prerequisite: At least one rank in Perform) – The character learns to encode messages into a performance, in such a way that her audience may understand the message, but censors and authority figures may not. The performer makes a bluff check using her perform ability as the bonus. Individuals who perceive the performance, who the bard does not want to decipher the song, oppose the bluff check with a normal sense motive check. Individuals who perceive the performance, who the bard does want to decipher the song, adds the bard’s level to their sense motive checks for deciphering the song.
  • Organizational Affinity– You have a special affinity for the day-to-day operations of co-ops, guilds, unions, affinity groups, and other such types of voluntary organizations. You receive a +2 to all Diplomacy, Bluff, Sense Motive, Profession, and other such skills that involve any such members of an organization you belong to.
  • Pass– You are especially skilled in disguising your origins, in terms of class, social group, and ethnicity. You receive a +4 to all disguise attempts to appear to be a member of a different class or ethnic group. This bonus does not apply to appearing like a specific member of a particular class or ethnic, just to appearing as ‘the other’. Disguises that would require significant changes to the body, such as the addition of wings or other limbs, or changing a size category, may cause the character to incur additional penalties to the disguise attempt, at the DM’s discretion.
  • Body Modification Enthusiast– You are an aficionado of piercings, tattoos, brandings, and scarification. At 1st level, the character may convert one point of damage from a successful attack from lethal to nonlethal. This may only be done on attacks the character is aware are coming and can dodge (no surprise, flat-footed, or backstab attacks.) This ability does not work against area effect attacks, unless the character has the Evasion or similar ability. At 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th level, the character may convert an additional point of damage from lethal to nonlethal. This ability may be used 3 times per day plus an additional time for every Constitution bonus. You also gain a +1 to you intimidate skill checks at 1st level, with an additional +1 bonus at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th level. This bonus is not applicable against other characters with this feat, members of cultures that have a strong tradition of body modification, and creatures so alien that they don’t recognize the significance of body modification. In addition, the player with this feat suffers a penalty to their disguise attempts. The penalty is the same as their intimidate bonus.
  • Master of Spectacle (Achievement)– Use a spectacular ability to give a morale bonus to allies 100 times. Double the amount duration of the morale bonus from spectacular abilities. Prerequisite: must have a spectacular ability.
  • Authoritarian Patter– You are adept in the euphemisms and double-speak of the the ruling classes, and those who enforce their rule. You gain a +4 bonus to bluff skill checks when dealing with soldiers, guards, nobility, high priests, and other official authority figures.
  • Conspiracy theorist– You are adept at discerning the real reason behind seemingly random or innocuous actions by governments or those in power. When you encounter an action or proclamation by a government or hierarchy, you may treat it as a bluff, and oppose it with a sense motive check. You gain a +4 bonus to your sense motive skill when you have this feat, and are performing this sort of skill check. Please note that using this feat will always return a positive response from the GM, whether or not the Sense Motive check actually beat the opposed Bluff check. The GM will always tell you the ‘real’ reason behind something, even if the that secret reason is wrong, or even if there was no secret there in the first place.



Skill Name: Profession (Guerrilla Media)

Key Ability: Wis

Trained Only: Yes

Armor Check Penalty: N/A

Description: You are skilled in leafleting, zine-making, pamphleteering, graffiti, etc., in the pursuit of getting your message across. This professions is only applicable in areas where large numbers of intelligent creatures congregate. Deep wilderness and lonely dungeons are not appropriate places to practice this profession except under special circumstances.

This skill applies only to the technical aspects of assembling, editing, and distributing the material. It does not apply to originating the idea, or the artistic quality of the work. That relies on the performance check (writing, oratory, graphic design) of the creator of the piece. That creator may be the distributor, but both creation and distribution require separate skillsets.

Check: Given the nature to the work, you are less likely to earn a living doing this than with other professions. Instead of a the normal ½ your profession check results in gold pieces for one week’s work, you receive, ¼ your profession check results in gold pieces.

For many people who practice this profession getting the message out to the people is more important that receiving a wage for their efforts. For every week of engaging in Guerrilla Media, your media reaches 10 times your profession skill check in intelligent creatures.

Action: Not applicable. A single check generally represents a week of work.

Try Again: Each attempt represents one week’s work. If the skill roll is low one week, you may try again next week.

Special: Each attempt at using this skill receives a culmative -1 to the skill roll for every week it is attempted, after the first one. This affect the amount of money earned, and the number of people reached. This applies to only one campaign of guerrilla media- if you try using this skill with a new piece of media on a different subject, that counts as a new skill roll, without the penalty.

Skill Name: Scrounge

Key Ability: Wis

Trained Only: No

Armor Check Penalty: N/A

Description: Scrounging is the skill of ‘finding’ materials needed for use in other crafts and professions- with finding sometimes defined as ‘not getting caught’. Masters of refuse piles and rubbish bins, a scrounger can find most anything, if you give her enough time, a large enough area to cover, and you’re not too particular with how pretty the materials are.

Check: You gather raw materials worth ½ your skill checks in gp through one week’s work, with the following conditions:

  1. The materials must be relatively common: wood and steel are (relatively) common, darkwood and living steel are not. In some special circumstances, a formerly rare material might be common, at the DM’s discretion. This typically happens if there is a glut in the market for a particular material, or if the player’s are in some exotic location where the formerly rare material is common.
  2. While the materials scrounged will be durable and useful, they will not exactly be pretty, and will show some of the wear and tear they have gone through. As such, they cannot be used to make masterwork items.

If the player only spends one day scrounging, divide the value of the items scrounged by 7. If they spend less than a day scrounging, divide that amount further by ½.

Crafters may use these scrounged items as the raw material for crafted items, using the standard Craft skill. If the scrounger attempt to sell the raw materials, rather than give them to a craftsman for their use, the sale price is ½ the use value.

Action: Not applicable. A single check generally represents a week of work.

Try Again: None. If a player scrounges for a week, day, or an hour, they cannot scrounge again for another week.

Special: You can also scrounge for meals, by rooting through trash bins, snatching leftovers from a plates, etc. The player may scrounge a number of meals equal to ½ her skill check in gold pieces through one week’s worth of scrounging. Thus, a skill roll of 20 would give 10 gold pieces worth of meals. There are 10 sp in every gp, so that’s 100 sp worth of meals. A common meal is 3 sp, so that week’s worth of scrounging would allow her to feed herself 3 meals a day for 11 days (7 days while she is actively scrounging, and for days afterwards.) That value may be stretched by going with poor meals instead of common meals. These meals may be shared with others. A week spent scrounging for meals precludes a week scrounging for materials, and vice versa.


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