Path of the Black Flag- Humans

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It is well known among the sages that Humans have written the most on the subject of Anarchy. Most of the Anarchist traditions were named by Humans, and Human Anarchists appear again and again as founders and important members of Anarchist groups and movements. The irony of this is that, second only to the Elves, Humans produce the least number of Anarchists among the major races. This is because most humans, as a wise Elf once said, crave power above all other things.

Most humans cannot give over this love of power. Even those who become Anarchists do so as a way of gaining power over themselves, and making sure no one has power over them. It is the rare human indeed who thinks outside the paradigm of power, even if they are struggling to destroy it.

Humans, being intellectual magpies, tend equally to all Anarchist traits, but have a special fondness for Religious Mystic. Because if there is one thing that will convince a Human to stand up against the power of the State, it is the power of a God telling her to.

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