Path of the Black Flag- Orcs

In many ways, Orc society (and yes, there is such a thing) seems to combine the worst aspect of Elves, Goblinoids, and Humans, at least in regards to Anarchism. They have the general lack of empathy (sometimes known as ‘Evil’) of the goblins, the cultural conservatism (shown in the traditional tribal structure that just about all Orc societies share), and the lust for power of the Humans. The primary ethos of Orc society is that the strong dominate the weak. Just because they are not as systematic and strategic about it as the Goblins and the Humans, doesn’t make them any less effective about doing it on a one-to-one, face-to-face (or axe-to-face) basis.

But all this gives the weak in Orc society a real incentive to become strong. And eventually, some find that the best way to become strong is to cooperate together, a notion that does usually occur to the ‘strong’ Orcs. These are the Orcs that become Anarchists. Orc Anarchists are more likely to be ‘Good’, as well, morely likely than Goblin Anarchists, or perhaps even Human ones. This is because they see empathy as a strategic necessity. They will pursue it, against the habits of their culture and the instincts in their blood, because they know they need it to win.

Orc Anarchists tend towards Collectivist, Environmentalist, Egalitarian, Free Marketeer, and Illegalist traits.

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