Path of the Black Flag- Summoner

Anarchist Summoners are rare. They are arcane spellcasters, who receive their powers through long and intense study. This sacrifice, and the power that comes with it, tends to foster a sense of elitism. The elitism is further nurtured by the nature of the Summoner’s power- the summoning and commanding of animals. There is a temptation among Summoners to view all interactions as a matter of who commands, and who is commanded. But not all summoners think this way, and some do become Anarchists.

Anarchist Summoners find the Naturalist and Spirit Summoner (Spirit of Freedom) archetypes to be particularly complementary. The Anarchist Summoner Archetype is the Chaos Caller. Chaos Callers see their summoning abilities as less giving them creatures to command, and more like letting friends come over to play.

Chaos Caller

Alternate Class Abilities

Entropic Friends– All creatures summoned by the Chaos Caller have the Entropic template. This applies to both creatures summoned through the Summon Monster spells, and her eidolon. If the summoned creature has 5 HD or more, they again the appropriate advantages from having the Entropic template.

This replaces Shield Ally.

Chaos Link– At 12th level, the Summoner gains the Entropic template whenever their eidolon is summoned, essentially sharing the template with the eidolon. The Summoner gains the appropriate advantages for being a creature with more than 5 HD.

This replaces Greater Shield Ally.


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