Path of the Black Flag- Witch

The defining characteristic of the Witch is alienation. This is what allows and forces them to accept patrons to grant them their powers. They have nowhere else to go.

Some Witches never get over this alienation, and withdraw from society, their familiars their only companion. Others become determined to rise above the alienation, and try to assimilate into society, either hiding or carefully using their abilities as the circumstances call for.

Still other Witches see their alienation as something not wrong with them, but with society. They recognize their alienation in others, and realize that the only way to combat alienation, and the oppression that comes with it,  is by developing solidarity among the alienated, and using that power of shared strength to fight back.

Anarchist Witches find all the standard archetypes to be equally complementary. The Anarchist Witch archetype is the Black Cat. So named for their knack of attracting ‘strays’, Black Cats maintain small bands of other alienated people and creatures in solidarity and companionship. They bring the freaks, misfits, ‘children of the night’, and other stray together.

Black Cat

Alternate Class Abilities

Collect Strays– At 4th level, the Black Cat gains the bonus feat Collect Strays, which lets the Witch gain a cohort. This feat acts similarly to the Leadership feat, with several exceptions. You cannot recruit followers until you have the Leadership feat. You determine your Leadership score according to the rules presented in the Leadership feat, but your cohort is always at least three or more levels lower than yourself.

The Black Cat’s cohort and followers must be people or things alienated from society; perhaps a race, ethnic group, or gender heavily discriminated against, a monster with a radically different alignment than normal, or a creature or character with a significantly low ability score (6 or less).

The witch’s relationship with her cohort and followers is different from those of others with the leadership feat. While the witch may be more experienced, she sees those ‘stray cats’ that come to her as equals, and allies in their alienation. When the Black Cat reach 7th level, this feat automatically upgrades to the Leadership feat (meaning that you effectively lose this feat and replace it with Leadership). You gain all the normal benefits of the Leadership feat.

This ability replaces the hex normally gained at 4th level.

Black Cat Coven– At 8th level, the Witch gains the hex Black Cat Coven. This hex works like the regular coven hex, but instead of needing at least one hag as part of the coven, the coven must be the Witch and two of her followers or her cohort. The Black Cat is unable to join other covens.

This replaces the hex gained at 8th level.


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