Path of the Black Flag- Ranger

As a  cross between the Druid and the Fighter, Rangers have both those classes’ reasons for rejecting the State. The one stumbling block to that rejection is the Favored Enemies ability of the Ranger. Rangers, as a class, are built in part on hate. That hate tends to justify governments that facilitate or justify that hate. If the Ranger can overcome the temptation to rely on governments as a crutch for their hatreds, they might become Anarchists.

Anarchist Rangers find the Freebooter, Hooded Champion, Infiltrator, Urban Ranger, Woodland Skirmisher, and Wild Stalker particularly complementary. Anarchist Rangers usually do not choose the Witchguard archetype.

The Anarchist Ranger archetype is the Guerrilla. Masters of insurgency and unconventional warfare, guerrillas find their favored enemies among governments, not types of creatures. By studying them and their weakness, just as a normal Ranger would study the enemies she favors, Guerillas work towards making the presence of a government too expensive to maintain, both in terms of soldiers and resources. Whereas Sans Culottes are most often encountered in urban settings, Guerrillas tend to favor rural environments.


Alternate Class Abilities

Enemy Government– At 1st level, a Guerilla selects a government. This government may be local, regional, or national, and may be a traditional government, or any non-traditional hierarchy that fulfills most of the same functions as governments. The Guerilla treats this government, its agents, and anyone in its employ as a favored enemy, like the standard ranger ability Favored Enemy. She gains all the bonuses and advantages against that government that would normally apply to a traditional favored enemy. A 5th level and beyond, she may expand to other government, or concentrate on her first one, as in the Favored Enemy ability.

This replaces the normal Favored Enemy ability.


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