Path of the Black Flag- Rogue

All Rogues tend to be viewed as criminals. This is a slight exaggeration, but not as slight as some rogues would have you believe. For the many rogues that are criminals, the Law may be viewed as an impediment, a nuisance, a tyrant, or fine for other people- but certainly not something they need to follow too closely.

Of course, just because a rogue does not respect the Law, does not mean they don’t have their own hierarchies, and may indeed by Lawful. Rogues often belong to criminal guilds, which may by just as strict and tyrannical as any government. They may not follow the law themselves, but approve of it in broad terms, especially when it is applied to someone they don’t like. But of all the classes, Rogues are the most likely to find Anarchy appealing. Anarchist Rogues find all the standard Archetypes to be equally complementary. Anarchist Rogues also have access to a new Rogue Trick: the Spectacular Sneak Attack.

Spectacular Sneak Attack– If the Rogue makes a successful sneak attack, her allies who clearly view the results receive a +1 morale bonus to their attacks on the following round(s). This bonus increases by one at 5th level and every five levels thereafter. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to ½ the level of the Rogue, for a minimum of one round. The number of allies who can enjoy the benefit of this bonus is equal to the level of the Rogue. This ability does not stack with other morale bonuses, or with other spectacular effects. In all other respects, this ability works the same as the Spectacular Explosion ability of the Merry Chymist.

This trick is identical to the Black Turban special ability Spectacular Sneak Attack.

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