Path of the Black Flag- Spells

Apple of the Fairest, Lesser

  • School– Enchantment  (compulsion) [mind-affecting], Chaos, Charm
  • Caster Level– 2 Bard, 2 Witch, 2 Cleric/Oracle, 3 Sorcerer/Wizard
  • Casting Time– 1 Standard Action
  • Components– V,S,F (apple)
  • Range– 30′ Radius
  • Target– All creatures within range of the apple.
  • Duration– 1 round per level.
  • Saving Throw– Will negates.
  • Spell Resistance– Yes.
  • Description– The caster throws a golden-colored apple. When it lands, every creature in a 30’ radius of 5 HD or less must make a Will saving throw. Creatures over 5 HD are immune. Any affected creature has an overwhelming desire to possess the apple. They will stop whatever else they were doing, and try to be the one, and only one, to have the apple. While they will ignore any duties and obligations they might have, they will not violate their basic characters. They will defend themselves from attack or threats to their lives, at a -2 to attacks rolls, AC, and Reflex Saving throws, but as soon as the threat is over, they will still be under the effect of the spell. If a creature fails their Will save by 5 or more, they have a violently overwhelming desire to possess the apple. These creatures will not hesitate to attack anyone who gets between them and the apple. Every creature in range of the spells gets a saving throw at the beginning of the round. A successful Will save means they are not under the effect of the spell for that round. It is possible for a creature to become affected, become unaffected, and become affected again, if they stay within range of the spell.

Apple of the Fairest, Greater

Caster Level– 4 Bard, 4 Witch, 4 Cleric/Oracle, 5 Sorcerer/Wizard

Description– This spell functions similarly to Apple of the Fairest, Lesser, but affects creatures of any HD.


School– Transmutation

Caster Level– 4 magus, 4 Wizard/Sorcerer

Casting Time– 1 Standard Action

Components– V, S, M (trash, detritus, and loose stone & earth)


Range– 100 ft. + 10 ft./level

Target– All detritus within 100’ of caster

Duration– Permanent

Saving Throw– N/A

Spell Resistance– None

Description– The caster magically moves the surrounding trash, rock, and loose soil around him into a barricade. The barricade is 10 square feet in area per level of the caster, and 1 foot in depth per level of the caster. It has an AC of 1 (base AC of 10, -7 for being an inanimate object, -2 for being huge) or -1 ((base AC of 10, -7 for being an inanimate object, -4 for being gargantuan) for a caster 10th level or higher, hardness of 6, 45 hp per level, and a break DC of 29. The barricade could be quite flammable, depending on the local materials.

Power to the People

  •  School– enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]
  • Caster Level– Bard 2, Bloodrager 3, Inquisitor 3, Magus 3, Sorcerer/Wizard 3, Cleric/Oracle 3, Witch 3
  • Casting Time– 1 standard round
  • Components– V, S
  • Range– 50′ plus 10′ per level radius
  • Target– Up to 100 creatures
  • Duration– 1 round per level
  • Saving Throw– Will negates (harmless)
  • Spell Resistance- Yes (Harmless)
  • Description– This spell imbues up to 100 creatures within the range of the spell with a sense of purpose and solidarity. The targets gains a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks.


  • Caster Level–  Bard 5, Magus 6, Sorcerer/Wizard 6, Cleric/Oracle 5, Witch 6
  • Description–  A more powerful version of the spell Power to the People, imbuing up to 100 creatures with a +3 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and temporary hit points equal to half your caster level (maximum 10).


  • School– enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]
  • Caster Level–  bard 1,sorcerer/wizard 1, witch 1, cleric/oracle 1, alchemist 1, summoner 1, shaman 1, inquisitor 1
  • Casting Time– 1 round
  • Components– V
  • Range– 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels
  • Target– 5 hd/level
  • Duration– 1 minute/level
  • Saving Throw– Will negates
  • Spell Resistance– Yes
  • Description– The caster temporarily erodes the faith people have in their leaders. She affects 5 HD of creatures for every level of the caster. Creatures with fewer HD are affected before creatures with more HD. Only creatures that can hear the caster are affected. Each creature target must make a Will saving throw. Those that succeed are not affected. Those that fail their saving throw develop an attitude towards their authority figures- rulers, priests, guild leaders, etc.- one worse that it currently is, for the duration of the spell. If they fail by 5 or more, their attitude is worsened by 2.  This worsening stacks with other efforts to manipulate the attitude of the crowd. Multiple Disobedience spells do not stack on people affected by the spell. If a representative of the authority is present, they may make a diplomacy or intimidate skill check to stop the worsening attitude, at a -4 penalty. IF the authority succeeds, the spell has no effect.

Liberation, Mass

  • School– Transmutation
  • Caster Level– inquisitor 3, sorcerer/wizard 3
  • Casting Level– 1 standard action
  • Components– V
  • Range– 50′ +5’/level radius
  • Target– All locks, chains, manacles, and bindings within the range of the spell, centered on the caster.
  • Duration– Instantaneous, see text.
  • Saving throw– None
  • Spell Resistance– No
  • Description– An upgraded form of the Knock spell, Mass Liberation opens all locks within the range of the spell. In all other respects, it works like the Knock spell, including how it deals with magical locks.

Mark of Anarchy

  • School– Universal
  • Caster Level–  magus 0, sorcerer/wizard 0, summoner 0, witch 0
  • Casting Time– 1 standard action
  • Components– V, S
  • Range– Touch
  • Target– Any flat surface
  • Duration– Permanent
  • Saving Throw– none
  • Spell Resistance– Yes
  • Description– Allows you to inscribe the Mark of Anarchy, a glyph that is recognized worldwide as a symbol for Anarchism. It functions in all other ways as the spell Arcane Mark.

Mark of Anarchy, Greater

  • School– Illusion (Glamer)
  • Caster Level– bard 1, sorcerer/wizard 2, summoner 1; Domain magic 2
  • Casting Time– 1 standard action
  • Component– V, S, M (a small bit of thistle and a stole platinum piece)
  • Range– 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels
  • Target– Any flat surface.
  • Duration– Permanent until discharged.
  • Saving Throw– Will negates (object)
  • Spell Resistance– Yes (object)
  • Description– This spell functions like the Mark of Anarchy producing a symbol of Anarchy, either visible or invisible. When it is cast, a password or phrase is encoded into it, as well as a message, 25 words or less, like a Magic Mouth. When a person speaks the code to the Mark, it delivers its message. The Greater Mark of Anarchy may deliver its message a number of times equal to the levels of the caster. Once it delivers its last message, it disappears. It function is all other way similarly to a Magic Mouth.


  • School– Transmutation
  • Caster Level– sorcerer/ wizard 1, summoner 1,witch 1, cleric/oracle 1, inquisitor 1
  • Casting Time– 1 round
  • Components– V, S, M (non-living vegetable matter, original text or graphics)
  • Range– touch
  • Target– Mass of non-living vegetable matter.
  • Duration– Permanent
  • Saving Throw– None
  • Spell Resistance– No
  • Description– This spell transforms a portion of non-living vegetable matter into a copy of a written text, or graphics. The copy is transformed into sturdy, long-lasting parchment, and the text is written with good quality ink, but is non-magical. The text is copied exactly, but none of the special materials of the original are copied- if the original is made of valuable materials, these are not duplicated. If the the original text is magical, this enchantment is not duplicated in the copy. If the magic is a quality of the text itself- as in a scroll- the text is duplicated as gibberish. Only one text may be duplicated, into matter equal to a ½ cubic foot (1’ by 1’ by 6”.) This text of the original may be shrunk to fit onto the duplicate. If the texts or graphics are small enough that multiple copies could be made of the ½ cube of material, then multiple identical copies may be made. Any pictures or graphics duplicated have a high enough resolution to show the exact image, but not enough to be mistaken for the original.

Samizdat, Greater

Caster Level– sorcerer/ wizard 3, summoner 3,witch 3, cleric/oracle 3, inquisitor 3

Description– This spell works like Samizdat, but the material component is 1/2 cubic foot per level, as opposed to 1/2 cubic foot, period.

Whole World Watching

  •  School– Divination
  • Caster Level– bard 4, sorcerer/wizard 4, witch 4
  • Casting Time– 1 round
  • Components– V, S
  • Range– Touch, Special (see description)
  • Duration– 10 minutes/caster level
  • Saving Throw– Will negates (harmless)
  • Spell Resistance– Yes
  • Description– With this spell, you touch one person. The caster, and everyone else with a 25’ radius of the caster, can perceive through the senses of the spell’s target. The spell only functions if the target remains on the same plane as the caster.

Summon Martyrs I

  •  School– Necromancy
  • Caster Level– antipaladin 3, bard 3,cleric/oracle 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, summoner 3, witch 3
  • Components– V, S, F (Pinch of graveyard dust from a martyr’s grave)
  • Range– 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels
  • Target– Summoned Ghost
  • Duration– 1 round/level
  • Saving Throw– None
  • Spell Resistance– No
  • Description– This spell summons the restless spirits of those who have died violently in the service of a cause that has not yet triumphed. While not restless enough to be ghost ‘naturally’, they may be summoned to do the bidding to someone in the service of the cause they died for. These martyrs have had their names lost to time, so no specific person may be summoned as a ghost. Ghosts summoned by Summon Martyr I are 1st level fighters with the Ghost template.  Any special attack beyond Corrupting Touch is up to the summoner. If the summoner directs the Martyr to do something that goes against the cause, such as attack an ally of the cause, or help an enemy of the cause, the summoner much make a Will save against the martyr’s DC (10 + 1/2 ghost’s HD + ghost’s Charisma modifier.) If the summoner succeeds, the martyr is dismissed immediately. If the saving throw fails, the martyr attacks the summoner as a traitor to the cause. In this case, the martyr may not be dismissed until the spell’s duration has ended.


Summon Martyr II


Summon Martyr III


Summon Martyr IV


Summon Martyr V


Summon Martyr VI


Summon Martyr VII

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