Path of the Black Flag- Wizard

A Wizard’s life is spent in study. They gain their magical power through long hours of research, and rigorous practice. This research and practice often takes place within the context of a school, or between a master and her apprentice. After their studies, or apprenticeship, Wizards often enter into the service of the great and powerful, or devote their time to training other wizards. As such, the concept of hierarchy, the need for grades and rank, is deeply ingrained into the wizard’s psyche.

However, some Wizard’s owe their loyalty elsewhere. Wizard magic is not dependent on bloodline, merely on having the wit and drive to comprehend it. Thus, the children of tradesmen and craftsmen may become wizards, and still feel loyalty to their families and class, over the nobility and magical establishment.

Anarchist Wizards find the standard archetypes equally complementary. The Anarchist wizard archetype is the Syndicate Wizard.

Syndicate Wizards are part of radical guilds of workers, and work for the common people, as opposed to the nobility or the magical hierarchy. They see themselves more as tradesmen who can do magic, rather than as magic users who know a trade.

Syndicate Wizard

Alternate Class Abilities

Syndicate Training– Syndicate wizards belong to a guild dedicated to a craft or profession. The wizard must select one craft or profession skill as the guild they are part of. The wizard must maintain the maximum skill ranks possible in that skill at every level. They also receive a skill focus for the skill associated with that guild as a bonus feat.

Professional Focus– Syndicate wizards must choose to bond to an object for their arcane bond. This object must be an iconic tool or accessory for their guild, and must not be one of the traditional objects, or a weapon. The object must be held, or worn, for it to function. If the wizard has the appropriate levels and the Craft Wondrous Item feat, it may be enchanted as normal, and fills the appropriate slot if worn. In all other respects, it function like a normal object subject to an arcane bond.

This changes the Wizard’s Arcane Focus.

Empower Profession– As a full turn action, the Wizard may sacrifice one of her spells to empower her in her profession, whether providing a good or service. When she does this, the Syndicate Wizard gains a bonus to her next skill check in the Craft or Profession skill she has chosen for her guild, equal to the level of the spell she sacrificed. Syndicate Wizards may also sacrifice her spells to empower others in their profession, as a full round touch action. The recipients must belong to the same profession as the Syndicate Wizard. One spell is sacrificed for each person so empowered. This empowerment applies only to the next skill check. It cannot be saved for later skill checks, and no matter what the result of the check, once it is rolled, the empowerment ends.

This ability replaces cantrips, but the Syndicate Wizard gains the detect magic and read magic cantrips and places them in her spellbook. She can cast either of these as 1st-level spells.



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