Path of the Black Flag- Equipment

Outfit, Punk‘s (Price: 1 gp, Weight: 3 lbs.)– ┬áTypically worn by urban youth (and those young at heart), these clothes are deliberately provocative, violating mainstream rules of fashion and ‘good taste’. Highly individualistic often borrowing bits from other types of outfits. Often designed to deliberately violate any local sumptuary laws.

Patch, Decorative (Price: 1 sp, Weight: n/a)- Small pieces of thick cloth, sometimes leather, either crudely embroidered or painted. Originally designed to simply mend holes in clothing, decorative patches are often bright and colorful, depicting slogans (often rude ones) or mascots (again, often rude ones.) A way of showing affiliation to a political movement, philosophical position, or fan group.

Copper Wonder– (Price: 1 cp, Weight: n/a) Crudely printed periodicals, cheaply made and cheaply sold. Contents range from muckraking journalism,┬áto┬ápersonal journaling, to political screeds, to pornography.

Printing Press, Portable– (Price: 50 gp, Weight: 30 lbs.) Contains a small printing press, metal movable type, and a set of small silk screens. Ink, paper, and fasteners sold separately.


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