Path of the Black Flag- Vonu Strategy

Vonu is a philosophy of voluntary exclusion. Practitioners of the philosophy believe that the best way to not be coerced is to remove yourself from the influence of coercion. To vonu is to disappear into a wilderness, either rural or urban, either alone or with a small group of like-minded people, and live a life of freedom and peace. As might be expected, this strategy is most popular with Anarchists of the Vonu archetype.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Finding a place that you can live in, that is not claimed by someone else, is not easy. It is considerably less easy when you consider the number of intelligent being capable of claiming property in a fantasy setting. It’s hard enough to find a place out of sight of all humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc., without throwing bugbears, dragons, and nixies into the mix.

And let us say that the vonu settlement, well-hidden though it is, is discovered and attacked by, say, a horde of goblins. What are the vonu Anarchists to do? If they were normal adventurers, or colonists, the answer would be simple: fight back, destroy or drive off the goblins. If it came up that the goblins actually claim the land as theirs, the regular adventurers would simply claim it for themselves through right of conquest, or say that the claims of the goblins were invalid because they were ‘evil’ (more likely, because they weren’t human or demi-human.)

Anarchists can’t (or at least usually won’t) do that. They won’t steal land from people, even from goblins. Even if they don’t believe in property, they wouldn’t deprive the goblins of its use. Self-defense is (usually) allowed, but they will not conquer the goblins, nor allow the goblins to conquer them. So they must live by stealth and subterfuge, keeping out of the way of all others.

While most vonu settlements are in wilderness settings, it is possible to have one in an urban setting. This usually involves ‘squatting’ in abandoned buildings and tunnels. Surprisingly, this method is no more difficult (if no more easier) than a wilderness vonu. While they may be physically closer to to city guards and rulers, the attention of those people is more often than not focused on the outside and outside threats, not on the inside of the city.

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