Path of the Black Flag- Wondrous Items

Copper Wonders

Copper Wonders are small, cheaply made booklets run off of printing presses. Popular entertainment for the working classes and often subversive, they are a favorite of many Anarchists.

  • Copper Wonder of Hiding (Price 5760 gp; Aura faint transmutation; CL 4th, weight n/a)  This slim volume of writing and art has a curiously blank panel in it. Once per day, using the command word, up to eight people and their equipment are transported to an an extra-dimensional space that is outside the usual multiverse of extra-dimensional spaces. Creatures in the extra-dimensional space are hidden, beyond the reach of spells (including divinations), unless those spells work across planes. The space holds as many as eight creatures (of any size).  They appear as drawings filling in the previously blank panel. People in the extradimensional space may see out of it as if it was a 3-foot-by-5-foot window. Spells cannot be cast across the extra-dimensional interface, nor can area effects cross it. While People looking through the copper wonder may see panel, the people in it aren’t perceived as moving, and are ‘drawn’ in the style of the rest of the copper wonder. The duration of the extradimensional space is a maximum of 4 hours. Anything inside the extra-dimensional space drops out when the spell ends. (Construction Requirements: 2880 gp, craft wondrous item feat, Rope Trick)
  • Copper Wonder of Spoilers (Price 20,160 gp; Aura medium divination; CL 7th; weight n/a) When found, the copper wonder is blank. The user must possess it for 24 hours to attune it to herself. After that, it start narrating her life, in graphic novel format. The copper wonder covers about one week of her life- as new things happen, older pages at the front disappear, and new blank pages appear at the back, and begin to be filled in. Once per day, the bearer may use the copper wonder to cast Divination. The results of the spell are displayed in the pages. (Construction Requirements: 10,080 gp, craft wondrous item feat, Divination)


Patches are small pieces of cloth, originally intended simply to mend holes in clothing, but now popular among Anarchists and other as means of decoration and showing affiliation to various causes and groups. Patches may be enchanted, just like anything else of sufficient craftsmanship. In order for the magic of a patch to be accessed, it must be affixed to an article of clothing, and that clothing must be worn. This turns the article of clothing itself into a wondrous item, for the purpose of filling slots. A patch may also be removed from an article of clothing, and affixed to another one, transferring the enchantment. Once the patch is removed from an article of clothing, the article no longer carries the enchantment until another patch is affixed to it.

Patches may only imbue a non-magical piece of clothing with an enchantment. A patch may be put on a magical piece of clothing, but the magic of the patch will be suppressed until removed.

  • Patch of Protection(Price 24,000 gp; Aura faint abjuration; CL 4th, Weight n/a) This patch has a continuous Protection from Law cast upon it, giving anyone wearing it affixed to their clothing the benefits of that spell. Three times per day, the wearer may cast Protection from Law, Communal. This gives the wearer up to 12 minutes of Protection from Law that may divided up among targets touched, in minute increments. (Construction Requirements: 12,000 gp, craft wondrous item feat, protection from law, communal protection from law)
  • Patch of Resistance– (Price varies; Aura faint abjuration; CL 5th; Weight n/a) This patch offers magical protection in the form of a +1 to +5 resistance bonus on all saving throws (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will). (Construction Requirements: +1 bonus 500 gp; +2 bonus 2,000 gp; +3 bonus 4,500 gp; +4 bonus 8,000 gp; +5 bonus 12,500 gp Craft Wondrous Item, resistance, creator’s caster level must be at least three times the cloak’s bonus)
  • Patch of Passing (Price 2250 gp; Aura faint universal; CL 3rd, weight n/a) Created for dilettantes and those who have trouble making up their mind, this patch may change itself to resemble any other patch the wearer has seen. All this takes is a mental command from the wearer. The patch will remain the image of its last command, until change. The patch has 50 charges. After the last charge is used, the patch is stuck in the last commanded image. (Construction Requirements: 1125 gp, craft wondrous item feat, prestidigitation)
  • Patch of Disobedience(Price 12,000 gp; Aura faint enchantment, CL 3rd, weight n/a) The patch bears the stylized visage of a shouting, angry person. The wearer of the patch project as continuous spell of Disobedience around the wearer, at a radius of 35’. (Construction Requirements: 6000 gp, craft wondrous item feat, disobedience)
  • Patch of the People (Price 36,000 gp ; Aura medium enchantment, CL 5th, Weight n/a) Three times per day, this patch lets the wearer cast Power to the People, centered on herself, for 5 rounds each time. (Construction Requirements: 18,000 gp, craft wondrous item feat, Power to the People)
  • Patch of liberation (Price 21,600 gp; Aura Medium Transmutation, CL 5th, weight n/a) Twice per day, using the command word, the wearer of this patch may cast Knock. Once per day, using the command word, she may cast Liberation, Mass. (Construction Requirements: 10,800 gp, craft wondrous item feat, knock, Mass Liberation)
  • Patch, Grey Flannel (Price 6000 gp, Aura faint illusion, CL 5th, weight n/a) This patch has 50 charges. Each use makes the wearer blend in with the crowd, be they peasants, guardsmen, tradesmen, savages, whomever. Each charge lasts 30 minutes. After the last charge is used, the patch ceases to work. (Construction Requirements: 3000 gp, cast wondrous item feat, Disguise Self)
  • Memorial Patch (Martyr I Price 10,800 gp; Aura medium necromancy; CL 5th; weight n/a; Martyr II Price 20,160 gp; Aura medium necromancy; CL 7th; weight n/a; Martyr III Price 32,400 gp; Aura medium necromancy; CL 9th; weight n/a; Martyr IV Price 47,520 gp; Aura medium necromancy; CL 11th; weight n/a; Martyr V Price 65,520 gp; Aura strong necromancy; CL 13th; weight n/a; Martyr VI Price 86,400 gp; Aura strong necromancy; CL 15th; weight n/a; Martyr VII Price 110,160 gp; Aura strong necromancy; CL 17th; weight n/a) This patch carries the stylized visage of a fallen hero to Anarchism. Once per day, the wearer may speak the command word summon an Anarchist martyr (or martyrs, depending on how the ability is used), as the spell Summon Martyr. The duration of the summoning depends on the quality of the patch. Typical the duration is 5 rounds for a Memorial Patch I, 7 rounds for Memorial Patch II, 9 rounds for Memorial Patch III, 11 rounds for Memorial Patch IV, 13 rounds for Memorial Patch V, 15 rounds for Memorial Patch VI, and 17 rounds for Memorial Patch VII. (Construction Requirements: Martyr I 5400 gp, Martyr II 10,080 gp, Martyr III 16,200 gp , Martyr IV 23,760 gp, Martyr V 32,760 gp, Martyr VI 43,200 gp, Martyr VII 55,080 gp, craft wondrous item feat, Summon Martyr I-VII)


  •  Ring of Anarchy– (Price 1,500 gp; Aura faint universal, faint illusion; CL 8th; Weight–) A ring of black metal, with the symbol of Anarchy picked out on the face with red jasper. The wearer can, as a standard action, embed this symbol on any object (as if using Mark of Anarchy) simply by pressing the ring against it. The wearer may choose the color and other cosmetic features of the image each time she uses the ring. The mark is otherwise permanent unless removed by dispel magic, erase, or a more powerful spell. Once per day, the wearer may cast Mark of Anarchy, Greater once per day. (Construction Requirements– 750 gp materials, forge ring feat, Mark of Anarchy & Greater Mark of Anarchy)
  • Inexhaustible Printing Press (Price 18,000 gp; Aura faint transmutation; CL 9th; Weight 30 lbs) This item looks like an over-sized and over-engineered printing press. It will duplicate any media put into it- copper wonders, shirts, patches, books, etc.- at a rate of six copies per round. The total amount of original material that can be duplicated  must be less than ½ a cubic foot. If the original is magical, the magic will not be transferred to the duplicates, and while the duplicates will be recognizable as a copy, the copies will not be hard to tell from the original.  In order for the Printing press to function, it must be fed non-living matter, of the equivalent volume of the duplicates desired. All types of material, from metal, wood, stone, or flesh, is converted into the paper or cloth of the original. Living material simply will not be converted, and any attempt to convert magical material will cause the press to stop functioning for one hour. Any dead body converted by the press may not be resurrected. (Construction Requirements– 9000 gp, craft wondrous item feat, Fabricate, Greater Samizdat)
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