‘Censored!’ at the Artists’ Market Community Center

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I went to the Artists’ Market Community Center in Barryville, New York today. Located next to the local barber shop, it is a quirky, charming place bringing interesting art to the area. I really dig places like this, and (hopefully, if I
ever get off my ass to produce some) would be proud and honored to have some of my work here.

Today they had the ‘Censored!’ art exhibition, which centered around works of art that have censored throughout history. I knew about the Soviet proto-photoshopping and the Nazi‘s obsession with ‘degnerate’ art, but I hadn’t heard about ‘Origin of the World’ or ‘Feast in the House of Levi’ before.

These are pieces that were also at the community center, but weren’t strictly part of the exhibit. Still pretty, and pretty damned cool.

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