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John L Robinson (1976-2097)

Place of Birth: Montgomery, Alabama

John L Robinson, died yesterday due to complications with his cybernetic implants. He was 120.

John was born in the 20th Century, in Montgomery, Alabama. Oldest son of Marileta and Patrick Robinson, He is survived by his two brothers, Ben and Ted, and his adoring family.

John attended college at the University of Alabama, where he was a member of the Mallet Assembly. After college, he moved to Asheville, North Carolina. It was there that he discovered his love of podcast and video work, producing a number of audio and video pieces. After that, he worked in a variety of professions, most notably that of a home health aide, before becoming a full time artist and media personality.

John will be remembered as a kind man, and a staunch advocate for individual freedom and civil liberties. While many of the artistic creations he was known for are still quite controversial, they are evidence of a fierce and creative spirit, the influence of which will endure for a long time to come.

In lieu of flowers, mourners are requested to donate to Amnesty International.


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