Steampunk Art Show & Art Fair 2018

Art Show

The Wayne County Arts Alliance (WCAA), along with the Greater Honesdale Partnership (GHP), is seeking works of art in the steampunk aesthetic, for the 2nd Annual Steampunk Art Show, July 21st, 2018, in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.  Pieces may be paintings, illustrations, multimedia, digital, sculpture, or performance. The WCAA will provide space in Honesdale Central Park for all accepted entries. This is an outside venue, so artists are responsible for make sure their work can survive exposure to the elements, as well as providing protection for the artwork from inclement weather.

Art of any size will be considered. The artist is responsible for bringing the art, displaying it, and taking it away at the end of the show. The works of art must be on display be noon on July 21st, 2018, and packed away by 8 PM that same day.  The WCAA will make a good faith effort to work with all artists to display their art.

The entry fee for the show is $35 (fee is waived for all members of the WCAA.) Your entry fee also buys you an annual membership in the WCAA. Up to five (5) pieces may be submitted per entry. Artists may enter multiple times (the WCAA waiver only covers the first entry.) There are prizes for best piece: $150 for first place, $100 for second place, $50 for third place.

All submissions for the art show must be received no later than June 21st, 2018. Each submission must contain:

  • A picture of the work, or that represents the work,no small that 1200 pixels on its small side, at 300 dpi.
  • The title of the piece
  • The name of the artist
  • An artist’s statement

By submitting this information, the artist agrees to allow the WCAA to use the information and pictures given to promote the show. All other rights are retained by the artist.

To enter the art show, or for more information about it, please contact John at

Art Fair

The Wayne County Arts Alliance (WCAA), along with the Greater Honesdale Partnership (GHP), is seeking vendors for it’s 2nd Annual Steampunk Art Fair at Honesdale Central Park as part of Steampunk Weekend, on July 21st, 2018, in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

Vendors may sell merchandise that fits the following criteria:

  • The merchandise must deal with or be inspired in some way by the steampunk aesthetic.
  • The merchandise must primarily decorative, and not clothing or jewelry. Steampunk art prints or figurines ar fine. Clockwork earrings and t-shirts are not (there are vendor spaces for those items available through the GHP.)

The vendor fee with $35, and includes an individual yearly membership in the WCAA this fee is waived for all WCAA members.) The WCAA will be providing space for the vendors. The vendors are responsible for setting up in the space provided no later than noon, July 21st 2018, and tearing down by no later than 8 PM later that day. Please be aware this is an outside venue, so some sort of protection from the elements is recommended.

All vendors must register with the WCAA no later than July 7th. To register, please contact John at When registering, please include your name, the name of your store or business, and a general description of the artwork you will be selling.

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