2018 Resolutions

  1. Start the Voltara the Demonslayer web series.– I have had the germ of an idea, an homage to the classic 80’s barbarian fantasy films with a female lead, haunting my brain for the last ten years. This is the year I exorcise it.
  2. Publish two game books.– I’m done writing one, The Path of the Black Flag. I’ll be posting the kickstarter for it when that goes live, in about a week. The next one after that will probably be a supplement for air combat in Pathfinder.
  3. Publish a novel.– 365 days to write 60,000 words. I should be able to do this.
  4. Write 6 short stories.– Hell, this probably won’t be more than 45,000 total.
  5. Pull off the Honesdale Radical Book Fair.– I’m going to hold a radical book fair in Honesdale, on April 21st, at Loose Leaf Pages.
  6. Help pull off the 2nd Annual Honesdale Steampunk Weekend.– The first Honesdale Steampunk Weekend was a great success. The next one, scheduled for the weekend of July 20th, will be even better.
  7. Pull of the 3rd Annual UDEAC art show.– Same goes for the art show 🙂
  8. Publish The Lion for the Honesdale Steampunk Weekend.– As part of the steampunk weekend, I’ll be publishing a one-shot steampunk zine called The Lion, with steampunk stories, poems, essays, art, and photography.
  9. Write, direct, and produce a short film for 2018’s Spookyfest.Spookyfest is a Honesdale Halloween tradition. I’ve participated twice as an actor. It’s time to submit my own entry.
  10. Make 20 collages.– After an initial explosion of creation earlier in 2017, my artmaking seems to have dried up near the end. That won’t do. So I’m giving myself a deadline and a schedule in art creation. Selling one or two wouldn’t be bad, either.
  11. Work on promoting Libertarianism, including the Tea with Liberty meetings and the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Libertarian Party.– I’m going to redouble my efforts to promote libertarianism in NEPA, and Honesdale. I’ll be holding regularly meetings, and doing what I can to organize and get the world out. I’ll also be promoting the LSP-LP, because outreach is useless if the Libertarian Party is overrun Hoppeheads and the like.
  12. Make a Yorkshire pudding.– One thing I regretted this holiday seasons was that I didn’t do any baking, and make some holiday foods. 2018 will not catch me like that. I’ll be going all-out in the holiday cookery department.
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