An Explanation of Johnny Lemuria

IMG_20160428_075453Johnny Lemuria is the stage (and craft, and religious) name of John L Robinson; author, artist, filmmaker, agorist, agitator, orccultist, fortean, and know-it-all.

I’m currently working on a few projects

  • A VR short film based on Greek and Discordian mythology entitled ‘The 2nd Judgement.’ Currently rehearsing, scheduled to start shooting sometime in April 2017.
  • An Anarchist roleplaying supplement entitled ‘The Path of the Black Flag.’ Scheduled for publication….whenever I finish the damned thing.
  • The Serene Republic of Lemuria. Details TBA.
  • A new podcast, tentatively entitled, ‘The Lemurian Hour.’
  • The 2nd Annual UDEAC Art Show.

Other goals for 2017

  • Start a vlog.
  • Publish a novel, some short stories, and a chapbook of poems.
  • Learn Spanish.

Some more information about me

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