Libsoc Caucus Podcast #6

Well, we have bylaws now. One of the key parts of the Libsoc Caucus structure is the concept of the affinity. In this episode, we discuss how to form affinity groups, and plan on having the first General Assembly of the Caucus on January 3rd, 2018. Here are some guidelines for forming an affinity group for the Caucus. Onward!

LibSoc Caucus Podcast #5

Wherein I, Mike, Matt, and Nathan once again talk about bylaws. Mike introduced his own draft, which I am really digging. Hopefully we’ll have a version nailed down for voting some time next week, after which we can concentrate on the platform.

LibSoc Caucus Podcast #3

English: Logotype of Alliance of the Libertari...
English: Logotype of Alliance of the Libertarian Left Русский: Логотип Альянса Либертарных Левых (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A short one this time, I talk to Nick Manley, a contributor to The Center for a Stateless Society, Alliance of the Libertarian Left, The Libertarian Institute, and the Molinari Review  (profile of Gustave Molinari.) We talk about, among other things, some of the caucuses within the Libertarian Party.