Pleasure Saucer #36, with DL King and Brett Scott

c. 1800-1803
c. 1800-1803 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And I’m back with a brand new show. There were some technical difficulties with the show last week. There were some technical difficulties with the show this week, but we soldiered on.

The Avatar of DL King
The Avatar of DL King

I actually had two guests on the show this time, which was neat. The first was DL King, erotica writer. She has a new book out, called Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission. I haven’t read it yet….but I might just pick up a copy.

Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission by DL KingWe talked about the state of publishing, and the state of erotica, and how those two states inform each other. Erotica, of all varieties, intersects with out lives, our standards, and our technology in ways that many of us never think about. It was gratifying getting a glimpse into what is, in many ways, the societal behind the scenes.

photoNext up was Brett Scott, who has done a lot more with his life than I have (and looks much better with a beard than I do.) His beat is wresting the tools and control of finance (which covers just about everything, nowadays) from the Powers That Be. He also has a book out, The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money. I will definitely be picking a copy of this up.

510ksH+AHZLTime is Money. This means, Money is Time. Physics tells up that Time is Space. Therefore, Money is Time & Space. All of Reality is basically described by Time & Space. Therefore, Money is Reality. Right now, old white men who do not have your best interests at heart control Money. This is probably a Bad Thing. If you would like to help put a stop to that, I suggest you buy this book.

Here’s some of the stuff I covered on the show:

  1. ‘Moe’ Temple Uses Anime Characters To Attract Visitors – japanCRUSH
  2. Eris, by Project Ðouglas
  4. 7 Myths about the Radical Sunni Advance in Iraq | Informed Comment
  5. Iraqis under ISIS control say their lives have gotten better
  6. Unthinkable Thoughts in the Debate About ISIS in Iraq | Common Dreams
  7. Iraqi Sunni scholars: Iraqi rebels, not ISIS, who face the Iraqi army

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Pleasure Saucer #34

1958 Edsel: Lousy Car But Great Planter.
1958 Edsel: Lousy Car But Great Planter. (Photo credit: bill barber)

Here’s the latest episode. No guest (Shawn Rosler came on for the tail end.) Here’s some of the things I talked about.

  1. 10 Poverty Myths, Busted | Mother Jones
  2. Law Enforcement vs. the Hippies | Mother Jones
  3. The Wizard looks to pass powers to apprentice |
  4. You can’t cut open pregnant women because you disagree with their choices
  5. The free-market doctors’ rebellion | Kyle Wingfield |
  6. Government-granted Monopolies: The Doctors’ Cartel | Thoughts on Liberty
  7. This Ice Sheet Will Unleash A Global Superstorm Sandy That Never Ends | Mother Jones
  8. BBC News – China: Volunteers test worm diet for astronauts
  9. BBC News – Hamuketsu: Japan’s new craze for hamster bottoms
  10. The Case for Reparations – The Atlantic By Ta-Nehisi Coates
  11. Elliot Rodger’s California shooting spree: further proof that misogyny kills

If you have something you’d like to have discussed on next week’s Pleasure Saucer Show, let me know. You can listen to a new episode of the Pleasure Saucer every Saturday night, 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST, at Freedomizer Radio. Call in to 347-324-3704 to chat or to tell me off.

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Pleasure Saucer #33, with Special Guest Little Mel

The BDSM Rights Flag, partially loosely based ...
The BDSM Rights Flag, partially loosely based on the design of the Leather Pride flag and also encompassing a version of the BDSM Emblem (but not similar enough to fall within Quagmyr’s specific copyright claims). The BDSM Rights Flag is offered by “Tanos” (of and other websites) as a symbol of the BDSM movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My guest on the show this time was Little Mel, of the No Boundaries podcast. Little Mel’s show specializes in “…. LGBTIAPQ, BDSM, body image, relationships, sex, self-esteem, rape culture, and women’s issues.” We had a pretty good conversation. I’ve had Mel on before, and it’s always a good time when she comes on. 

The Pleasure Saucer Show broadcast live every Saturday night at 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST on Freedomizer Radio. You can call in at 347-324-3407.

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Pleasure Saucer Show #32, in which Anarchy is Defended (again)

Radio Nomadista
Radio Nomadista (Photo credit: Juan y Diego)

We finally have new episode of the Pleasure Saucer Show. There were a few technical and scheduling glitches- I had to start half an hour late, and the guest thought is was taking place on Sunday, not Saturday. But over all, a good show. I’m still feeling my way around the new format. Dealing with call-ins that I haven’t invited still takes some getting used to. I need to work on my guest wrangling, and you will probably here in this episode. But, we soldier on.

I didn’t get to, well, any of the things I wanted to cover in this episode. So, I’m just going to include a link list of the important and interesting things I think have been going on this week. Enjoy, enjoy the show, and listen to it live every Saturday at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST) on Freedomizer Radio. Also, the show now lives and dies on call-ins, so don’t forget to call in to the show at 347-324-3704. Or tweet your comments and questions using #PleasureSaucer. Or, email us.

Uber and Lyft are Good things, which explains why so many people are against them.


  • Center for a Stateless Society » Uber and Lyft are the Best New Thing for Poor, Urban Communities

Hail Satan!

Do they need more education? Maybe not.

  • Can We Finally Admit We’ve Reached The Limits of Public Education? | Thoughts on Liberty

The World in sex.

A woman’s choice will be televised (or at least Vimeio’d.)

This week in America (plus Germany) being dicks to whistleblowers


This week in American being dick to a Occupy Wall Street person

Terrorists being dicks….

….And American being dicks to just about everybody.


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Pleasure Saucer Show #31- New Format!

More Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with FreedomizerRadio on BlogTalkRadio with FreedomizerRadio on BlogTalkRadio
Seated left to right: Rudolph Schott, Apollo M...
Seated left to right: Rudolph Schott, Apollo Milton Olin Smith, Frank Malina (white shirt, dark pants), Ed Forman and Jack Parsons (right, foreground). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s right folks, the Pleasure Saucer Show has changed some things up. We are now associated with Freedomizer Radio. This means a few things:

  1. New time slot! We are now on Saturdays, 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST.
  2. New Length! We are now an hour and and half long, approximately.
  3. New Format! We are now a primarily audio-based podcast (I may work back up to video later on.) We also have have a call-in feature. The call-in 347-324-3704. Feel free to call in when I’m on the air to chew the fat, or biological matter of your choice.
  4. New ads! Yes, the show has ads now. This means that, eventually, I can put my own ads on there, which would be nice, since getting paid is nice.

Anyway, this episode was a shake-down cruise. My guest couldn’t show up (scheduling can indeed be a bitch), but my friends and co-hosts Salem & Ember Kingsleigh and Tao Joannes did show up, and a fun and informative time was had by all. Here are some of the things we talked about.

  1. Occultist father of rocketry ‘written out’ of Nasa’s history (Wired UK)
  2. The NYPD tried to start a hashtag outpouring of positive memories with their police force
  3. The Graphene Age – Graphene Production and Nanomaterial | Mysterious Universe
  4. New Paper Explains How To Make Supermaterial Graphene In A Blender
  5. Lee Smolin and Cosmological Natural Selection – Black Holes | Mysterious Universe
  6. You Might Have Heard about a Shakespeare Discovery
  7. Vladimir Putin must be called to account on surveillance just like Obama | Edward Snowden | Comment is free |
  8. The Striking Thing About the Snowden/Putin Dialogue | KN@PPSTER
  9. Students’ choice Snowden takes up post as Glasgow University rector
  10. Chase Bank Slams the Door on More Porn Stars –

So again, thank you for enjoying the Pleasure Saucer Show. I invite you all to call in this Saturday May 3rd, or any Saturday.

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Pleasure Saucer Show #30, with Jake Shannon

12The big Three Oh. Our guest this time was Jake Shannon, former chair of the Utah Libertarian Party and current polymath. We discussed the future, philosophy, and flying genitalia, all using somewhat colorful language. The co-hosts were Shawn Rosler and Tao Joannes. Here are some of the things we talked about:

  1. First Beer Delivery by Drone Debuts in Minnesota
  2. Drones on demand using Gofor
  3. Dozens Arrested Protesting #FIFA’s World Cup, Police Brutality Continues Despite Rising Death Toll
  4. Here’s Japan’s latest trend: ‘Zentai’
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Pleasure Saucer Show #29, with Inna Zenona & Valentine Draw


I really enjoyed this episode. Hell, I enjoy all the episodes- that’s why I do them- but this one got artistic, and I like when that happens. My co-hosts were Colleen Harding of Project Socrates and Doktor Dilcha of the Church of the SubGenius. Our guests were Inna Zenona (president) and Valentine Draw (founder) of the Institute of Structural Ego Energetics, out of the University of Toronto. Valentine’s English isn’t great (but still phenomenally better than my Russian), so Inna did translating duty, for which I am most grateful. There is a wealth of information to cover about Ego Energetics- too much to cover and get this post out in a timely manner. So I’m going to post this now, and link to the information as I get it together. You’ll notice we don’t have our customary links to news posts this time. That’s because the conversation about the Inna, Valentine, and the Institute took the full hour. It was just that good.

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Pleasure Saucer Show #28, with Kaelie Laochra

International Day to End Violence Against Sex ...
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2010 (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Here’s the latest Pleasure Saucer Show episode. My co-host was Tao Joannes, of the Church of the SubGenius. Our guest was the always fun to have on the show Kaelie Laochra, sex work advocate and activist, of the Respect Sex Work website. We discussed human rights, our broken justice system, and political candidates in shiny, shiny jumpsuits . As some of you may know, sex work decriminalization and rights for sex workers are group of causes I feel strongly about. As Ms. Laochra states, one of the best way of helping sex workers is simply discussing the issue rationally with your social circle. However, if you would like to interact with an organization for information, resources, or networking, there are any good ones to choose from.

Here are some of the things we talked about.

  1. Massive Solar Superstorm Narrowly Missed Blasting The Earth Back Into The Dark Ages
  2. Has This New Discovery By Astronomers Confirmed there is a ‘Planet X’?
  3. Nemesis Star Theory: The Sun’s ‘Death Star’ Companion
  4. Astronomers Find a Small World That Could Hint at a Big One
  5. American Justice | KN@PPSTER
  6. Aaron Swartz and MIT: The inside story – Metro – The Boston Globe
  7. The Real Aaron Swartz “Inside Story”: The Feds’ Terrifying Aggression
  8. Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO | The Mozilla Blog
  9. TV Cook Nigella Lawson Barred from U.S. for Admitting She Did Cocaine; Barack Obama Still President – Hit & Run :
  10. Florida House Candidate Defends His ‘Hobby Activities’ – Busin

    ess Insider)


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Pleasure Saucer Show #27, with special guest Jeff 4 Justice

Some of the Art displayed at Open Borders
Some of the Art displayed at Open Borders (Photo credit: freeloosedirt)

A great episode. My co-hosts were Colleen Harding of Project Socrates, Ember Kingsleigh and Salem K of Kunstkrieg, and our special guest Jeff of Jeff 4 Justice (and Jeff 4 Justice, and Jeff 4 Justice.) Here’s what we talked about.


  1. The Power of Local Unity: Small US Town Enacts Free Food Trade (Sedgewick, Maine, USA)
  2. America Is in No Position to Lecture Russia About Imperialism –
  3. Happy Open Borders Day! | KN@PPSTER
  4. Migration controls: the new apartheid? | Blog | Futurismic
  5. Stop the Evictions Of Migrant Settlements Now
  6. Want to see the future? Open borders. | The Skeptical Libertarian | Blog
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