2018 Steampunk Art Show

One the weekend of July 21st, 2018, as part of the Steampunk Honesdale Festivities, the Wayne County Arts Alliance, in partnership with the Greater Honesdale Partnership, present the 2nd Annual Steampunk Art Exhibition. There will be four sections of the exhibition: The Cabinet of Curiosities, The Stourbridge Lion Imperial Locomotive, The Steam Exhibit, and the Haberdashery Spectacle.

The Cabinet of Curiosities

The cabinet of curiosities was a mainstay in the house of any well-to-do intellectual for hundreds of years. In honor of Steampunk Honesdale 2018, we are building our own Steampunk Cabinet of Curiosities.  All entries should be less than a foot tall, and something that might be found in a mad scientist’s or Victorian occultist’s personal collection of weird stuff. All accepted entries will be displayed in a rented storefront for the duration of the weekend.

The Stourbridge Lion Imperial Locomotive

We are building a steampunk locomotive. We need artists to construct the cars and engine. Each car and the engine will be sponsored by a local business, and the resulting locomotive will run on special tracks set up for the weekend.

The Steam Exhibit

This is a free-form exhibit, open to all sculpture and other forms of artwork made with the Steampunk theme. All artwork will be displayed in the courtyard of the Cooperage on Saturday, July 21st, throughout the day and the Steampunk Ball happening at the Cooperage later that night. Artists may sell their art at the exhibit, and set up vendor tables for purely art items (no jewelry or clothing.) Artists may display their work for free if they are WCAA members. Non-members must pay at $35 fee, which also gets them an individual membership in the WCAA.

The Haberdashery Spectacle

Top hats, especially altered top hats, are icons of Steampunk. We will be supplying selected artists with a top hat and supplies, each entry being sponsored by a local business. They will make their own interpretation of a “steampunk hat.”




2018 Steampunk Pinewood Derby

On the weekend of July 21st, 2018, as part of the Steampunk Honesdale festivities, the Wayne County Arts Alliance, in partnership with the Greater Honesdale Partnership, present the innagrual Steampunk Pinewood Derby. The Derby will have two parts: The Race, and The Design Contest.

The Race

The race will take place in Central Park, Honesdale, during the weekend. We will be using typical pinewood derby rules.

The Design Contest

Submitted cars will be judged on technical skill, creativity, and expressing the Steampunk theme. While cars submitted to the design contest do not need to actually participate in the race portion (although they are encouraged to do so), they must qualify for the race under the rules linked to above.

LibSoc Caucus Podcast #5

Wherein I, Mike, Matt, and Nathan once again talk about bylaws. Mike introduced his own draft, which I am really digging. Hopefully we’ll have a version nailed down for voting some time next week, after which we can concentrate on the platform.

What I’m Currently Involved With

Things I’m not currently involved with, but might get into, or revisit, sometime in the near future.

  • The VR short film “2nd Judgment” I shot this Summer is currently in post-production. I honestly have no idea what’s going on with that. That’s not the greatest position for a director/producer to be in. I should get on top of that.
  • The Lemurian Hour lies in hiatus. I’ve had some inquiries about restarting it. Maybe? Still thinking about that one.
  • I have movie ideas, I have a camera, and I have an entire frickin’ community of filmmakers in the area. I should be making more movies.

LibSoc Caucus Podcast #3

English: Logotype of Alliance of the Libertari...
English: Logotype of Alliance of the Libertarian Left Русский: Логотип Альянса Либертарных Левых (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A short one this time, I talk to Nick Manley, a contributor to The Center for a Stateless Society, Alliance of the Libertarian Left, The Libertarian Institute, and the Molinari Review  (profile of Gustave Molinari.) We talk about, among other things, some of the caucuses within the Libertarian Party.

2018 WCAA Steampunk Play Festival

English: Jack the Devil in the Penny Dreadfuls...
English: Jack the Devil in the Penny Dreadfuls Paper – 1838 Français : Jack le Diable dans le journal Penny Dreadful – 1838 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wayne County Arts Alliance (WCAA) is pleased to announce its first Steampunk Play Festival as part of the festivities of Honesdale’s Steampunk Weekend. The date of the festival is tentatively July 22nd, 2018. The WCAA will begin accepting submissions October 1st 2017. The Deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2018.

We are seeking one act plays the explore the Steampunk genre. We are especially interested in plays that evoke the work of the Decadents, the subject matter or sentiments of the Penny Dreadfuls, or the traditions of the Grand Guignol.

Playwrights will be given the opportunity to present a one act play or portion of their work in a staged reading or as staged as they prefer as part of a festival setting. We offer a blank stage, lighting and sound. Each playwright can present as they wish in terms of highly rehearsed, costumes, props etc. Chosen playwrights are in charge of casting and getting their own director. The WCAA will provide the stage manager and production manager for the festival.


  • Plays must be 10-15 minutes in length.
  • Plays must be original, previously unproduced works.
  • Only one submission per playwright.
  • There is a submission fee of $20, which comes with a complimentary single membership to the WCAA. This fee is waived for current WCAA members.
  • Plays must use and explore the steampunk genre. Plays that draw stylistic inspiration from the Fin de siècle period are preferred. Invoking Penny Dreadfuls or the Grand Guignol is encouraged.
  • All submissions must be received by May 1st, 2018.
  • Three of the submitted plays will be chosen to be performed at the Steampunk Weekend. Winners will be notified by May 15th, 2018.
  • All submissions must include the following:
    • A properly formatted script as an attachment, with title, name of playwright, and contact information.
    • Estimated running time.
    • All relevant information about the performance.
  • The WCAA will provide a stage, lights, and sound. All other props, costumes, or other materials needed must be provided by the playwright.
  • All productions must take no more than 30 minutes to set up, and no more than 30 minutes to tear down, making the stage ready for the next performance.
  • There will be tech rehearsal available the day before the festival. Appointments for tech rehearsal with the selected playwrights will be arranged.
  • All submissions should be emailed to waynecountyartsalliance@gmail.com.

2018 Short Steampunk Movie Festival

Guidelines and Entry Form

Event Date: July 22, 2018

Prospective submitting artists:

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 WCAA Short Steampunk Movie Festival​! Great job!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your theme is
    • The Steampunk genre
  • Your cost is
    • $0.00 (non-refundable)
  • Your guidelines are
    • A running time less than or equal to seven (7) minutes
    • Nothing too obscene, please use your best judgement
    • Submissions must be received in a digital format capable of being presented
    • All submissions must be accompanied by a completed copy of this submission form
    • The submission deadline is Sunday, June 17th, 2018
    • The festival audience in attendance will vote for their favorite submissions
    • Steampunk Film Festival awards “Magic Lanterns” will be distributed to winners

While you, those involved in the creation of your short moving picture, and the heirs and assigns of both will
retain full ownership of your submission, the Wayne County Arts Alliance (WCAA) reserves the right to use the name, credited details, and short moving picture submission in promotional materials and merchandise and for presentation purposes.

The WCAA ​maintains the expectation that submissions are original works and looks forward to
experiencing these works in a community setting, projected onto a screen. If content created by any creators
other than the submitting artists is used in a submission, the WCAA expects proper permission to be
obtained prior to the festival and for content sources to be cited in a submission’s credits. Any copyright-related
issues regarding the use or incorporation of previously created works in a submission to the WCAA Short Steampunk Movie Festival shall be addressed by the creators and owners of submitted moving picture shorts.
Submitting artists agree to hold the WCAA harmless in the event an infringement claim is made against
their moving picture short and to address any such claims without the WCAA.

All submissions will be reviewed prior to selection and public presentation. A portion of these submissions may
be reviewed while eating popcorn and/or pizza and drinking seltzer and/or beer. If a submission is selected, the
submission’s representative​ is entitled to one (1) free ticket for festival admittance pleasure.

To make your submission, please download the entry form here, fill it out, and send it back to us, either as a hard copy to:

Wayne County Arts Alliance

P.O. Box 645

Honesdale, PA 18431

Or you can fill it out electronically and send it back to: