Carnival of the Arisen and Illuminated II

Here is the 2nd edition of the Carnival of the Arisen and Illuminated. I know I’m supposed to write a clever intro here, but I haven’t been sleeping much lately, so fuck you.
Highlights from the High Weirdness Project:

  • Space money is still pink money without “BoB“!
  • The X-ists are evidently sending scouts….
  • Hedgehogs are cute, sure, but this is taking it to extremes.
  • When the “Booze of the Subgenius” is introduced, this is the kind of kick-off we should have. With more hot cephalopod action, of course.
  • Superior Mutant Arthur C Clarke has finally seen the cheesy light-show in the monolith.
  • Also in dead influential science fiction writer news, con artist and toad-man L Ron Hubbard would have had his birthday this week if he wasn’t sucking Xenu’s cock in the afterlife at the moment.
  • And finally, free superior mutant Bulent Ersoy!

Rob, of Rob’s Site, has given the world a wonderful little multimedia primer on the Church of the Subgenius. I may pass out chocolate Dobbsheads to knaw on for next Easter, after being inspired by these, sent in by Conspiracy double-agent Brett J Trout. Dr Jon has come up with the best Olympics logo I’ve seen to date. Uproar3ast posts some soothing words from malcontent named “Stang”. I dunno, you might as well listen to him. Baron Von Hoopla lets us know that you shouldn’t test Discordians. LMNO of the Discordian super-blog Verwirrung explains the universal popery of Discordia. Cain of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Discordia continues to dissect whiny Pagans. And finally, some wise advice from the Discord Society: love her, worship her, invoke into your girlfriend and fuck her like a crazed weasel, but don’t trust Eris.

An artistic contribution from IMBJR:

“Miss Mwowm”

ben presents A Paper Airplane In The Eye Of Ennui posted at Head Wide Open. fire_fly presents Memoirs from the Flophouse posted at Life of Jeremy, saying, “Fun stories from working at a Waikiki hotel!” Raymond presents Making Fun Of Late Night Infomercials Using Hotties With Assets To Sell Get Rich Schemes posted at Money Blue Book.

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Introducing the Carnival of the Arisen & Illuminated

Welcome to the first edition of the Carnival of the Arisen & Illuminated. This Carnival is dedicated to highlighting the snazziest in web doings among those who hold to the Cult of Eris and the Church of the Subgenius.

World Takeover
Its well known that Christianity stole all of its holidays from other, groovier religions. Here’s one way to take Easter back, by Plastic Dan of the Discord Society. Of course, just because a religion is groovier that Christianity doesn’t mean its not pretty damned pink itself, as shown here in the tiresome Pagan Authoritarianism documented by Cain of the Popular Front of Discordia.

News You Can Use
If you’re not reading the High Weirdness Project, you should be. The Reverend Modemac has his finger on the pulse of news in the key of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Some of the more interesting tidbits include Noah’s Ark on the Moon, why NPR’s days are numbered, how rival cults stack up on the issue of sex, that the GoDaddy ISP is a statist shill, as is the UN (big surprise), and our reality increasingly resembles a hack dystopia.

Artistic Expression
Discordians and Subgenii are an artistic bunch. Sometimes its found art, sometimes its audio art, sometimes its performance art, and sometimes its a big ol’ happening.

So, that’s the first edition of the Carnival of the Arisen & Illuminated. If you would like to be featured in the next edition next week, please let me know.

Free Popcorn!

Brought to my attention by the Appalachian Scribe….

Legendary mountain moonshiner Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton has been arrested.

ATF Agent Gregory E. Moore wrote in a federal complaint unsealed Friday that an undercover agent has in less than two months bought from Sutton some 300 gallons of the untaxed liquor and was poised to buy another 500 gallons in a single transaction. Authorities instead opted to raid Sutton’s three properties, including a barn and an old school bus he allegedly used to store his ’shine, Moore wrote.”

Now, some libertarians might go off on a rant here about how this sort of the thing shouldn’t be a priority of the ATF. Well, that’s wrong. This is one of the main reasons the ATF was created. It is the ATF, its very existence, that is wrong. Well, I can tell you one thing. in the Blue Ridge Autonomous Zone there would be none of this punitive and moralistic taxing nonsense.