Cinematic Pig’s Feet #24- Rock & Rule

Cover of "Rock and Rule"
Cover of Rock and Rule

This week Katalin and John watched Rock & Rule, Canadian animation studio Nelvana‘s answer to Heavy Metal and all that loud music their Southern neighbors were playing. Featuring contributions from such rock luminaries as Blondie, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed, Rock & Rule succeeds in scratching both a rock, scifi, and weird-ass cartoon itch.

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #23 Holy Motors

Happy 2016, everybody. Katalin and John are back to give you a heaping helping of movie weirdness and goodness. Are first catch of the year is Holy Motors, written and directed by  Leos Carax, starring  Denis Lavant and Édith Scob. It was a trip. Disturbing provocative, beautiful, fulfilling and at the same time frustrating. Darned good movie. This is the first movie in a while that both Katalin and myself gave a full four DCGs (dick-cancer-guns.)

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #22- Let’s Visit the World of the Future

It is no secret that I am a holy man of the Church of the SubGenius. I have a fondness for their art. Let’s Visit the World of the Future was a SubGenius film before their was a CotSG, and a damned fine one, I would argue (and, upon listening to the podcast, I believe I have argued.)

And here, in its entirety, is the film:

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #21- Mulholland Drive

There’s a reason that I use the adjective ‘Lynchian’. Katalin and I watched David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, which has been described as a ‘poison love letter’ to Hollywood. Scary, sexy, thrilling, beautiful. But enough about me- you should see this movie. And listen to the podcast, of course.

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #20- Phantom of the Paradise

Cover of "Phantom of the Paradise"
Cover of Phantom of the Paradise

After a few rather dreary movies, we thought we deserved a treat. So, Katalin and I watched a 70’s confection called the Phantom of the Paradise. It was bonkers.

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #19- Idiots and Angels

Idiots and Angels is an animated feature written and directed by American animator Bill Plympton. It is a beautiful fill, with dreamlike, surreal imagery. The story is a bit thin, and the protagonist is damned hard to root for, but perhaps the beauty of the images will help you overlook those flaws. It didn’t quite help us. Here’s the trailer:

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #18- Aelita, Queen of Mars

Yuliya Solntseva as Aelita
Yuliya Solntseva as Aelita (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wanted to like Aelita, Queen of Mars. This is one of the first science fiction movies, its the inspiration for such works as Flash Gordon and Metropolis, it has a cool aesthetic, and being Russian it has a perspective not normally seen in early sciifi films.

Unfortunately, I did not like this film. It was boring. Most of the characters, on both planets, were so unlikable I wished a supernova would happen to finish off the entire solar system. The ending shows why Communism is a Bad Thing, and is a betrayal of the spirit of science fiction. The sets were cool, though. Your mileage, and your tolerance for long, slow movies, not to mention Stalinistic propaganda, may vary.

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #17- Trouble Every Day

Film poster for Trouble Every Day
Film poster for Trouble Every Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trouble Every Day, the film by Claire Denis, is a beautiful film. It is well shot, and is filled with attractive people (with the exception of Vincent Gallo, a man that makes want to reach for a mousetrap every time I see him.) It is moody, subtle, atmospheric, and very, very French.

It also bored me to tears.

Here’s the trailer:

Midnight Forum- Abstract

Rough doodling of a logo. I think better when I have a logo.

I have been involved in radio, in one form or another, off and on, for the last eighteen years. For the last ten years, I’ve been involved in podcasts as well. I’ve done some in the past, and I’m doing one now. I’m also currently volunteering as my local public radio station (WJFF), which means that I have the opportunity to pitch a show to have on a public radio station. After a year of vacillating and half-hearted attempts, I’m going to seriously try to get a show in the air, tentatively called ‘Midnight Forum’.

The purpose of Midnight Forum is to have a serious, involved discussion on big subjects that don’t tend to get brought up in polite conversation. Each episode I’ll invite two people on the show from opposite sides of an issue, and moderate a civil (if occasionally tense) discussion between them, without ‘gotcha’ questions, and with enough time to really get in depth on the subject. Off the top of my head (and the front page of the newspaper), possible subjects of discussion include sex work decriminalization, big game hunting, The Kingfisher Project & hard drug decriminalization, AI research, and police abolition.

The next step is to record a demo episode for the programming committee of WJFF, which I will do within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

Cinematic Pig’s Feet #16- Sweet Movie

Cover of "Sweet Movie (Criterion Collecti...
Cover of Sweet Movie (Criterion Collection)

This week, after many weeks of delays of mischedulings, Me and Katalin review Dušan Makavejev‘s Sweet Movie (1974). If you have a problem with emetophilia (like I have) be warned- you may not be able to handle certain parts of this movie.
I sure couldn’t.
The embedding on YouTube for this movie was disabled, but you can see it here (with English subtitles.)