Serene Republic of Lemuria

National Flag of the Serene Republic of Lemuria


Serene Republic of Lemuria (informally, SRL)

Government Type



Spiritually, the continent of Mu. Physically, none- anthrostates are forbidden to possess territory.

National Religion

Poetic. Civic Deities include Discordia, Libera, and JR ‘Bob’ Dobbs.

National Language

Lemurian Barbaric


The SRL is administrated by Rev Johnny Lemuria, 1st Anarch, Grandmaster of the Order of the Sphinx


Citizens of the SRL are typically addressed by the honorific ‘Anarch’, meaning ‘unruled.’

Civic Honors

The SRL currently has one organization of civic honors, which doubles as the college of heraldry: The Order of the Sphinx

National Sport

three-sided football

National Holidays of Note (Currently)

Lupercalia (February 15), Liberalia (March 17), Lemurialia (May 13), Samhaim (October 31)


The SRL has one institute of higher learning, the University of Lemuria. It offers doctorates in Pataphysics, Psychogeography, and a Masters in Tantric Engineering.


The purpose of the SRL is two-fold. First, I like the idea of ‘Nation as Art Project‘. I consider Ladonia to be a micronation to emulate. Second, I am very interested in the ideas of anthrostates and polystates (also known as distributed republics) and I would like to try and flesh them out.

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