Lemurian Hour #3- Eunique Divination

English: Chaosphere.
English: Chaosphere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we go with episode number 3, wherein Ben and I discuss the politcs of taxing robotics, the sociology of banning sexbots, the coolness of refugee-helping chatbots, and the utter dickishness (genitalia deliberately referred to) of far too many of America’s soldiers. We also argue about abolishing the police.

Next I talked with Eunique Grisby of Urban Mystik, chaos magician and entrepreneur, about chaos magic, and her life with it. Chaos magic has long had a special place in my heart, so talking with someone about it was a real kick.

For the Chaotes

For the Chaotes

Let’s hear it at the end of this age

for the chaotes, those psychic

skinwalkers, those sorcerous so’n’so’s,


those who persist in the blasphemy

of imagination and insanity in

our cathedrals of the Rational.


You have to love and hate their willingness–

in this, a universe that lines its mysteries up

against the wall with cigarettes in their mouths–


to dance in the path of bullets,

to worship bullet time, and then continue

their waltz with the corpses.


And still they search for gems

in the dustbins of history. That’s why

I want to speak the truth as: The Chaos is there,


under every leaf and stone, under

every lock and key, under every axiom and theorem,

the chaos is there, the heart of fire,


the beautifully absurd, I see it out there,

underneath the floorboards, and here

comes the chaote, his wizard staff a crowbar.


But no truth can be expressed, only experienced.

Reality will deny your gnosis for as long as you

do not put on your acme rocket of the holy guardian angel and walk off that cliff.


Make little towers of broken glass.

When you look at your reflection in them,

you can see around corners.


(Inspired by For the Sleepwalkers, by Edward Hirsch)

(Featured imaged is Doc Chaote Hoodoo Man, by atu-xiii, used without permission)

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